5 Basic Bathroom Cleaning Tips

The bathroom can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Here are 5 basic tips for giving your bathroom the deep clean it deserves. NOTE: Be sure to properly ventilate the room, open the door and turn on the fan.


You’ll Need: White Vinegar, a Plastic Bag, Bathroom Cleaner, and a Washing Machine

Put a large amount of white vinegar in a plastic bag and tie it to your shower head overnight. In the morning, untie the bag and run water through the shower head to clean it.

Remove your shower curtains and place them in your washing machine to remove soap scum and mildew. Hang them back up to dry.

A weekly scrubbing of your tub with bathroom cleaner should be enough to suffice, but if you want to give it an extra shine, fill the tub with hot water for 15 minutes, drain it and then apply the cleaner.


Ceiling, Tiles, and Walls

This is an often-overlooked part of a deep bathroom clean.

You’ll need: An all-purpose bathroom cleaner, a clean cloth, Microfiber Mop (optional)

Simply spray your walls, ceiling, and tiles with the bathroom cleaner and then turn the hot water on from your shower for about 10 minutes to allow some steam to build. Then wipe these areas down with a clean cloth. If you need help reaching high areas, a clean microfiber mop will help do the job.


You’ll need: Bleach, an Unused Toothbrush

Dip the brush in undiluted bleach and apply straight to discolored areas of grout, and then rinse well.


You’ll need: Baking Soda, a Toilet Brush, Bleach, a Pumice Stone (optional)

Pour a generous amount of baking soda in the toilet brush it around. After a few minutes, flush the toilet. If you’re still seeing spots, a pumice stone is tough enough to remove these stains, but gentle enough that it won’t damage the porcelain. Once you are done cleaning the toilet, clean the bristles of your toilet brush with bleach.



You might not expected this, but a bathroom sink contains more bacteria than a toilet. Take extra care in cleaning your sink!

You’ll Need: Vinegar, Antibacterial Wipes

Pour plenty of white vinegar around the sink and down the drain. This reduces clogs. For the faucet and the handles, use antibacterial wipes (a washcloth just moves the germs around).

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