Acacia Hardwood Flooring which is One of the Most Durable Species Available

Exotic Acacia hardwood offers a variety of more than 1,300 kinds to choose from. This hardwood is obtainable throughout Australia, Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. It flourishes in temperate and tropical climates and about 960 of this species are indigenous to Australia. Acacia is also called wattle- whistling thorn- and thorn trees.

Currently the popularity of using acacia hardwood flooring is on the increase. The acacia trees are associated with slow growth which results in its wood to be very dense and hard which is a very durable wood for using as flooring. According to the Janka Hardness Scale, a test used to assess different hardwoods’ resistance to denting, the acacia is rated at 2400 which make acacia wood flooring a perfect choice as far as durability is concerned.

When you consider purchasing acacia hardwood for your flooring, you should take into account that a difference exists between the solid planks compared with its engineered counterpart. Both kinds are an excellent choice, but the engineered planking is more cost-effective compared to the solid hardwood planks, while it is less likely to shrink and expand. With its beautiful golden brown color as well as swirling grain-patterns it is popular.

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    Acacia Hardwood: Pros and Cons


It has high stability, density and a great harshness and can be used in any kind of severe climate conditions. There is almost no cracking, twisting, bending, shrinking or expanding.

  • Acacia hardwood has an excellent high durability, and has all the anti-decaying characteristics when it is correctly maintained. acacia hardwood flooring is one of the most durable specieson the market today

 hardwood flooring and with a lifespan of more than one-hundred years!

Acacia hardwood is beautiful in its rich colors and attractive wavy wood patterns. Acacia’s marvelous rich colors can vary from a milky yellow color, to chocolate brown and a splendid golden color. This hardwood flooring will bring the glimpse of golden sun rays and the flowing of river-streams into your home. To enhance the ambiance of any home it can add vividness and grace.


Acacia hardwood planks have knotty wood grain-patterns which are not appealing to some people, with its small diameter and twisty trunks, which results in dead knots, many knots, sound- and dead knots whilst cracks can also be visible.

Whilst it is favored in western countries, it’s unpopular in eastern culture.

However, the above-mentioned cons can’t be seen as real problems, as it comes down to personal taste and preference. Many people love this wood exactly because they want their homes’ floors to look different. The rustic finishing created by hand-scraped methods can give your home a marvelous look in a special rustic style. Acacia hardwood flooring can be perfect to match your assorted hardwood cabinets and furniture. Furthermore, the rustic decoration style will never be outdated.

Refurbishing your home with acacia hardwood flooring, with its excellent durability and marvelous colors will also add more value to your home! Some Manufacturers offer a 25 year residential guarantee, and a lifetime’s structural guarantee!

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