For a lot of people, adding coffee tables and end tables is not really a priority for interior decoration. Most people do not see them as necessities but extras that should not be paid attention to. The purpose of a coffee table is basic. It is the center of attraction and it is that centerpiece where you can put your coffee, magazines and remote controls. It can also be used by children to do homework, a foot rest and sometimes doubles as an extra seating. However, this simple but multifunctional piece of furniture has the tendency to define who you are as regards your taste and style. So in this regard, what does your coffee table say about you?

Coffee tables were not called coffee tables in the early days. They were rather referred to as cocktail tables. This just goes to show the nature of our entertainment and how it has changed over the years. To choose the right coffee table for your home, playback and think of the times when you came back from work tired and your feet hurt. You manage to throw yourself on the sofa and being glad for the low table where you can just put up your feet and comfortably relax. Let’s try another memory. How about the times when you are super excited that your team won a match and while rejoicing this moment, you take a glance down and see your glass of chilled beer winking at you from the coffee table.

Be it for storage purposes or family discussions, this table furniture comes in handy all the time. This is the reason you need to carefully choose a coffee table. As a matter of fact, it is of utmost importance to choose the right coffee table.

Quick styling tips

Coffee tables can be styled in different ways depending on your preference. If what you desire is to create a coffee table display, you will need to select pieces with a similar theme and group them together and then balance the display with a flower vase or bowl. If you prefer your tables to have a simple and clear look, choose a coffee table that makes a strong statement so as to add spice to the room.

Key factors to consider while shopping for a coffee table           

  • Scale and size

This is probably the most important factor. If the table is too big or too small, then the proportion of the room could be thrown off.

  • Function

If you intend to use it as a dining and homework table for your children, look out for easy to clean coffee tables with glass or poly surfaces. If you intend to use it to keep your DVD collections, you should opt for the ones with storage.

  • Style and color

There are various styles available on the market from modern to traditional and vintage styles. You get different options to compliment the theme of the room.

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