Garden Designs Ideas for Small Outdoor Spaces

Bigger isn’t necessarily always better; in fact, many people are firm believers of less being more. The same principle could be applied to garden designs for small outdoor spaces.

Don’t Create Chaos

Avoid clutter! A simple rule of thumb, yet it is often ignored. Too many items or features in your garden may ruin the beauty and relaxing essence of the space. Instead, it may end up looking like a mish-mash of disorder and chaos. Utilise the space at your disposal as effectively as possible, while maintaining a level of artistic refinement.


Are you going to spend time sitting in your garden, admiring the flowers? Or will you be using it as a space to entertain your guests? Knowing what purpose the area will serve in the long-term will aid you in designing the ideal garden.


When taking on a design project, it often helps to work with a theme in mind. Maybe you’re looking for a Japanese Zen garden in which to meditate and find balance. Perhaps you’re an enthusiastic bachelor who needs an outdoor space to impress your friends. Your garden will most certainly need a barbeque or pizza oven at the very least. Who knows, maybe there will be some spare cash for a jacuzzi too.

Paths and Zones

One way to create the illusion of a larger space is to divide your small garden into zones. You could have a small playground for your children in one zone, and another area could serve as a relaxation area for the adults. By laying clear pathways between the zones, you create a feeling of order and tranquillity.

Furniture and Décor

You may be dazzled by a stunning six-seater table and chairs, complete with cushions and a matching canvas umbrella to provide shade, but your garden might not be big enough to accommodate it. In instances such as this, remember to furnish to scale; in other words, it might be prudent to consider smaller, more practical furniture such as rattan corner dining sets. They’re not only durable and aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also multifunctional too. You could have family breakfast in the garden, or have some me-time reading a book outdoors. Also, the chairs can be used with, or without, cushions.

Vertical Space

Another excellent way to utilise all the space in your garden efficiently is to use the walls. You could place artworks there, or even install a vertical planter wall to add more colour to your garden.


Planters are not only a great way to keep your garden tidy, they can double up as focal points too by painting them or adding a sophisticated stencil design to them. If you want to bring bees to your garden, but have an allergy to their stings, you could add bee-friendly flowers to a planter box and place it at the far end of your garden, away from your home and your family.


Many people who live in the United Kingdom come from abroad. Why not incorporate a piece of your heritage into your garden as a reminder of your roots? It will definitely make for some interesting conversation during a garden party with your friends or neighbours.

It is possible to create a gorgeous garden in a small space. All you need is some imagination and a plan.

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Matthew Okafor