How To Avoid Pet Plumbing Problems

Most homeowners in Adelaide have dogs or cats running around their home, some have both. But having pets in your property can pose many problems for your plumbing system, and certain things can be dangerous for your pets if not properly secured. There are many ways to avoid problems by planning and pet proofing your home.

Secure Pipes & Wires

Pet proofing your home is very similar to child proofing, the aim of the game is to try and stop them from getting near things they shouldn’t. Kids love to mess around and open doors they shouldn’t, just like pets will chew on whatever takes their fancy, that sometimes being an important part of your plumbing network.

The problem with pets chewing on wires or pipes is that they not only damage your system, they can also hurt themselves. This results in an expensive trip to the local vet to have them examined and taken care of.

A burst pipe can also cause damage to your neighbour’s property, if your pet has chewed through a water pipe and it is squirting its contents all over next doors lawn, it will be your responsibility to have it cleaned up. If their yard is badly flooded and expensive flora has been destroyed, guess who has to pay for a replacement?

If you need help pet proofing your pipes, you may want to consult with a company who specialise in plumbing in Adelaide. Expert plumbers don’t only fix pet related problems, they can also give you recommendations on some of the best ways to pet proof your home.

Provide Drinking Water

Pets will drink out of almost any available water source in your home, especially an open toilet. They usually do this because they are thirsty and need to hydrate themselves. To avoid any pet plumbing problems in your home, remember to provide them with a clean source of water to drink from, this is especially important during the warm summer months. They won’t drink out of the toilet or try to get water from external pipes if you have their bowl topped up daily.

Avoid Cleaning Pets Inside

Many homeowners use their showers or baths to clean their pets, forgetting that they shed a lot of hair that can quickly clog your drains. If you’ve been cleaning your pets indoors and you’ve noticed that your water isn’t draining as effectively as before, you may need to call a plumber to clear your system.

The best way to avoid clogging your pipes is to clean your pets outdoors, a mucky dog is guaranteed to lose a lot of dirt when you rinse them off, so why not get rid of the heavy stuff outside.

If you’ve been cleaning your family pet in your bathroom and you’ve noticed an issue with your plumbing, you can call an expert and have them assess your system. Many pets, especially dogs shed a lot of hair which can easily blog your pipes and clog your system. They also like to chew on pipes, so you should keep them well covered.

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