How to choose the ideal Turkish rug?

Rugs are an essential component to every household. You could choose to cover up your floor completely or just add a rug to certain rooms or spaces in the house. However you choose to use them, they certainly add a little style and help complete the final look of the house.

Turkish rugs in particular are a great choice and come in a wide range of colours, patterns and types. Common characteristics of these rugs include flat woven cords, rich colours and use of wool or goat hair. Some popular ones include Turkish kilim rugs, Turkish kilim rugs, Bergama rugs, Kazak rugs, Konya rugs, Yuruk rugs, Kars rugs, Yastik rugs.

Things to keep in mind when choosing your ideal rug:

  • The fabric used
  • The type of dye used; natural or synthetic?
  • Geometry and patterns on the rug
  • The number of knots used to create the individual pattern

All of the above are essential in helping to choose the ideal Turkish rug.

Why should you buy a Turkish rug when there are so many other styles available?

They have a long lasting power: unlike many other types of rugs, these specially crafted pieces stand the test of time and have a long lasting power. They are durable and withstand heavy foot traffic for long periods of time.

They never go out of style: Many design trends come and go. But oriental designs are here to stay and they stay for a long time. You will be sure to find a Turkish rug to suit any sized room and be a perfect fit.

They are stunning to look at: These pieces are hand woven so you can be assured of excellent craftsmanship. A high quality piece is like a work of art and you will never regret purchasing a Turkish rug.

They are usually well-constructed: unlike many cheap rug pieces, Turkish rugs are often created by hand and therefore well-constructed. They are made with meticulous detail so you can be assured you get the product for the price you pay for.

They are environmentally friendly: Turkish rugs are often made of environmentally friendly fabrics and use natural dyes to give the rugs their beautiful bold hues. Oriental rugs made of wool are not flammable when compared to some common ones made by machines.

They are ideal for any room in the house: these pieces are so vibrant and rich that they will compliment any room in the house beautifully. You will need to choose the piece carefully though as they might stand out from the rest of the other pieces. It is better to keep the remaining décor simple and let the rug be the statement piece.

These rugs tell a story: Unlike other pieces of rugs which are made on machines, these hand woven masterpieces each tell a different story. No two rugs are alike so each one is made by a different set of skilled hands and comes from a different part of the world.

Now that you have all the essential tips and the benefits of buying a Turkish rug, why not go to your nearest rug superstore and choose a rich handwoven masterpiece of your own?

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Matthew Okafor