How to Merge your Terrace and your Living Room

The great British summer is a time for rest and relaxation on the terrace, with those long summer evenings and great early mornings to enjoy, and by creating a wide and elegant access point in the form of bi-folding double glazed French doors, you can merge your indoor and outdoor living space anytime you choose.

Range of Options

You may have a dining room window, and by removing that and replacing it with a much wider set of doors, you can remove the wall completely. You could:

  • Install a 4-section sliding patio door, with the two central sections sliding back, leaving you with 5-7 metres of space.
  • Have a set of custom-made UPVC bifold doors in Dorchester, which would add some character to any setting, and with a choice of frame colour, you can match the décor.

Building Work

Widening the access requires the insertion of a steel lintel, which supports the weight, and when the walls have been plastered and painted, you have the perfect set of doors that can be opened at any time, plus the heat loss is minimal with double glazing. There are several design options, and when you make an appointment with a local supplier, they will send an expert to your home, where you can discuss the various options.

Tinted glass is another option, or you could have a heavy vertical blind made, which would provide shading, and by choosing an established uPVC door supplier, you know the standard of work will be good.

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Matthew Okafor