How to Transform Your Kitchen with a New Custom Countertop

Nothing renews a tired kitchen quite like new countertops. Updating worn or dated counters makes a dramatic aesthetic impact while adding functional durability. The right countertop material should also suit your lifestyle and complement your cabinetry. Follow these steps for a stunning countertop makeover in your kitchen.

Evaluate Your Options

With the array of materials available, from laminate and butcher block to quartz and custom countertops, according to those in the know at Bedrock Quartz, conducting research is key. Browse design magazines and websites to assess the pros and cons of each material. Think about visiting showrooms to view product samples first-hand.

Consider factors such as durability, maintenance needs, heat/scratch-resistance and cost. As well as this, factor in countertop edge styles and backsplash options. Weigh benefits like durability versus soft aesthetic beauty. Settle on a material that excites you while meeting your practical needs.

Select an Appealing Color

Once you have narrowed down a preferred material, devote some time to selecting a color and pattern that complements your kitchen’s palette and lighting. Cool-toned grays enhance modern spaces while warm, natural stone tones exude traditional allure.

Bring home sample chips to see how it looks in your space. Observe how natural light interacts with the material’s surface and how the shade complements your cabinetry. Trust your instincts on discovering the ideal color to refresh your space.

Envision the Design Layout

Maximize visual appeal and functionality through thoughtful countertop layout. Include ample workspace and prep zones suited to your cooking style such as a snack bar, kitchen island or buffet stretch.

Convert unused spaces like dishwashers and stove gaps into extra counter space. Sketch ideas so contractors can advise on possible designs. Blend your desired layout with their expertise so the new installation flows beautifully.

Select Coordinating Edges

Countertop edges range from squared to curved, beveled or ogee. Edges not only define the counter perimeter and transition to cabinets, but they also present opportunities for added style.

Beveled edges add dimension while ogee curves soften countertop lines. Bullnose rounded edges remove sharp corners that can chip over time. Contrast edges against your counters and cabinets for dramatic effect.

Prepare the Space Thoroughly

To ensure proper installation, existing counters and cabinets need thorough preparation prior to new countertop fabrication. Contractors may require cabinets to be emptied and disassembled to access original counter substrate and framework.

Patch and repairs like filling old screw holes must be completed so new countertops rest on smooth, even surfaces. Address any concerns with cabinets like warping or moisture damage before proceeding. Ultimately, proper prep prevents problems.

Seamless Installation is Key

Your contractor should meticulously template your new counters to cut slabs ensuring tight precision seams and edges. They may even use computer imaging to preview the layout. Closely oversee the physical installation and ask questions.

Verify countertops sit level with ample support underneath. Inspect that edges and seams align correctly with no uneven gaps or overhang issues. Your input ensures the countertop makeover meets your vision.

Redesign the Whole Space

To complete your new kitchen’s look, identify complementary design updates like a fresh backsplash, accent lighting, faucet, and accessories. Tiling to the ceiling or installing pendant lights dramatize taller countertops.

Add task lighting under cabinets to eliminate shadows and display decorative knickknacks in open shelving. Vibrant mosaic tiles or an intricate backsplash pattern provides contrast. The right accents enhance your countertop makeover.


With proper planning and oversight, new countertops can utterly transform your kitchen’s functionality and beauty. Invest time visualizing the possibilities so your renovated space exceeds expectations for years to come.

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Matthew Okafor