Making the Most of Your Garage

A home’s garage is supposed to be a warm and dry place where you can park your car as well as a great spot for storing tools and doing small projects. Unfortunately, many people don’t utilize this area in their home. They use it more as a catch-all for clutter until there is no room left for anything else. The result is a room left to disrepair that doesn’t benefit the homeowner at all. Use the following tips to transform your garage back into the room it was intended to be.

Start with a Good Cleaning

The first step towards reclaiming your garage as a useful space is to clean it thoroughly. Remove everything from within it. Make three piles that you can toss items into. One should be for the stuff you need to keep, one will be for things you can donate, and the third will be for everything that is simply trash. Once the garage is empty, wash all of the walls and doors with warm soapy water. Scrub the floor as well.

Do All Necessary Repairs

Now that the garage is clean, you can asses the room easily. Look for anything that is damaged. If there are cracks and gouges in the walls, fill them with sparkle and repaint them. Wall repair kits will help you fix any holes. Check to make sure the garage door is functioning properly for convenience and safety. If it isn’t, you can find many professionals that can do austin garage door repair such as Austin’s Greater Garage Doors.

Reorganize the Space

Now that you have an empty and clean garage in good condition, you can begin reorganizing the space. Don’t fall into the trap of putting everything back where you found it. Think about the room as though you have just moved in and are setting it up for the first time. Mark off a space for your vehicle and only work around the perimeter. Take advantage of storage options for holding tools and lawn care items, and don’t forget to add a counter to use as a workbench.

Once you clean your garage out, do any necessary repairs, and reorganize the space, you will have a fully functioning garage. It will be the perfect spot to park your car in where the elements can’t harm it. You’ll also have room for storing tools and lawn equipment with a little space left over for a workbench. A room that was once neglected will be a beneficial part of your home as it was intended to be.

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Matthew Okafor