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Decorating a room for a child, especially their bedroom is a fun experience. While you may have some ideas, it’s essential to involve them to get their input as well to have a smooth balance between two different mindsets. The end result should be something you both like and you should have a room that your child loves to spend time in. the right colours, décor and furniture all play a key role here.

There are so many things to take of like painting the walls, choosing appropriate furniture and even thinking about people like flooring Sydney to get a brand new floor.

Here is a list of things you will need to keep in mind to create that magical place for your child:

  1. Start with a plan: This can a discussion with your child where you both draw up a rough sketch of the final room, and discuss colours, themes and accessories like clocks, pillows and children’s bedside lamps Australia.
  2. Paint the walls: Start with the hardest and most time consuming task first and this is usually painting walls. Choose a soft and soothing colour that will help you child calm and fall asleep once they are enter this space. Soft shades like sky blue, lavender or baby pink work best.
  3. Choose an artwork: Choose something a bit bold and striking- perhaps your child’s favourite cartoon character or a movie star. Place this on the centre just above the bed for an eye-catching look.
  4. Choose the main furniture: This means the bed, side tables and dresser or wardrobe. Pick them in matching shades if possible or paint them yourself. White usually goes well with soft muted colours or opt for light timber.
  5. Create a reading/seating area: If you child is an avid reader then a reading nook is a must have in their bedroom. Create a comfortable warm space where the both of you can enjoy your reading time together. Essentials include a comfortable seat, bookcase and a blanket.
  6. Create a gallery or display: bring in your child’s personality to their room by showcasing their talent. If they are into art and painting. Create a gallery by stringing a piano wire from a wall to another to clip your child’s art work together. Another great way to display their masterpieces is by framing their painting in photo frames and regularly swapping the older works for new ones.
  7. Create an organised room: Children are not known for being exceptionally tidy so it’s up to you to create a system that works for them. Choose dressers with personalised labels to organise their socks, vests and underwear and use hanging storage to sort their tops, bottoms and woollens separately. Add reminders using stick notes so they know where everything should go. It’s a good idea to have a storage bin outside to throw in any clothes that needs to be laundered so that the floor is clean.

If you follow the above décor tips, you will be sure to create an inviting and comfortable space for both yourself and your child.

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