Soft Summery Touches for Your Home

Summer is the perfect time to give your home a refresh and update parts you may have been wanting to change for a while now. How your home feels and looks will have a huge impact on your personal attitude and feelings, so it’s really important to design your home to work well for you.

Inject some colour

Interiors can often become dull and heavy when the colder weather is upon us, as you see the introduction of darker, rich colours. Summer, however, is the ideal time to inject energy and life into your interiors through the use of colours. Sticking to a bright, colourful palette will enable you to create a beautifully fresh look whilst keeping your interiors stylish and trendy. You don’t have to make permanent, expensive changes, you can introduce colour to your interiors through accessories which will still have a really strong impact.

Changing Materials

It’s often overlooked by many, but the materials you have in your home can often play a part in how fresh your room feels. For example, switching your heavy draped curtains for some delicate silk trails, or your bedsheets from thick wintery cotton to a soft, gentle material, will really make a difference to how the room feels. Many people tend to remove rugs or blankets from living areas too, as these are more of a wintery feature that help to keep the room warm and cosy. Summer is all about fresh, crisp features, therefore having these in your interiors will lift the room and give a summery feel.

Shuffling up the furniture

One really effective way of freshening up a room is to have a little shuffle around with your furniture. How you present your room has an impact on the overall atmosphere, and when it comes to a summery feel, opening up the living areas and creating additional space is always a great way to achieve the perfect atmosphere. Your furniture doesn’t have to go anywhere, just a quick switch up, for example moving the oak chest of drawers to where the bookcase once was, and swapping the bookcase for the sofa, will simply give the room a brand new look and feel completely different. The beauty of this kind of change, is that you can always put the furniture back where it was to begin with, if you’re not satisfied with the change.

Lighting is key

How you light your rooms will be a large factor in how the room looks and feels. In order to create a bright, energetic and fresh feel, purchasing some white toned light bulbs to replace with your current ones will help lift the room and add a brighter feel. Many lights are a yellow tone, which created a cosy, inviting feel, appreciated more around winter time. Adding extra lighting will also help to highlight certain points of the room and add to the overall look. You can find so many beautiful styles of lamps and shades to add to your interiors which will add to the character of the room as well as adding a summery touch.

Finishing touches

There are then the simple additions that you can introduce to your interiors, which don’t have to cost you too much money, but will still make a nice change. Fresh vases of flowers are a perfect item for any interiors, adding a fresh, aromatic touch and generating a happy feel in the room. You could also look at adding some candles or incense, as these will also help to give the room a specific fragrance and add a really delicate, summery touch. Other items such as brightly coloured cushions or a selection of colourful photo frames will emphasise the energetic feel and top off the summery feel that the room already has.

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Matthew Okafor