The Necessity of Hiring a Building Inspector When Buying a Home

home-building-inspectionBefore finalising the contract to purchase a home, you need to have the house examined by a professional building inspector. The electrical system, plumbing and structure of the building need to be inspected to make you aware of any problems. An inspection is the best way to protect the investment you will be making in a home for you and your family.

When to Inspect a House

While you need to hire a professional to do a home inspection, you can do a preliminary inspection yourself during an open house. As you go through each room, look for tell-tale signs of problems like water spots on the ceiling, cracks in walls, uneven floors and broken fixtures. On the outside of the house, look at the roof to check for sagging, rust on the inside of the gutters and cracks in the foundation.

Make notes as you walk through the house concerning any problems you find, and let the inspectors know about them before they examine the house. Some of the problems you may find could indicate a leaking roof or a crumbling foundation, which can be very costly. Your preliminary inspection can help you decide whether to put a bid on a house or keep looking.

Hiring an Inspector

When you are ready to take out a mortgage on a house, many banks and mortgage companies will insist on an inspection before they approve the loan. The inspection not only protects your investment in a house, but it protects them as well. When you’re ready to buy a property, you need to schedule an inspection before closing on the house.

There are hundreds of home inspectors from which to choose, but when you need a building inspector in Perth, you should choose one that is licenced and regulated to do inspections. Examining the credentials of an inspector is important, because not every state requires licencing or regulation, and that often leads to unqualified people missing expensive problems during inspections. Before you hire an inspector, ask about their qualifications and make sure they are licenced and insured.

What to Expect

The building inspector will examine the electrical wiring to be sure that it meets state and federal code requirements. They will also check the plumbing to make sure it is up to code and that there are no leaks or pipes that need to be replaced. The inspector will also go into the crawl space and attic to check for structural issues with the house and carefully inspect the foundation.


The inspector should issue you a report when the inspection is done that will note any problems with the house. If they do find problems, you may be able to get the seller to pay for some of the work needed to fix the issues, or they may be willing to reduce the price of the house so you will have the funds to make the repairs that are needed. Even if you are buying a newer house, an inspection is vital to protect yourself.



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