Tips for a Spectacular Lawn

Your lawn is a large, living organism that needs some tender-loving care each week. If you’ve looked at other lawns and envied their lush texture, your grass may need some extra attention. Consider these simple tasks that can make a world of difference for your lawn. A thick and green lawn will be the results of your efforts.

Prune Away the Overhang

Grass is not a fan of shade. It truly enjoys the sunlight. Take a look at your yard on a sunny day. Pinpoint any overhang, such as bushes or trees, which casts a thick shadow on the grass. Prune away those parts so that the sun penetrates through to the ground. Any struggling blades should acclimate to the sun and grow taller than before.

Fill in the Holes

If the lawn has any patchy areas, consider seeding the areas or trying St Augustine sod for sale in Jacksonville FL. The soil may have been shaded or lacked nutrients. Think about the cause for the holes before adding any new grass. Rich soil is the key to long and lush lawns. Adding plants to poor soil conditions will only result in more holes.

Aerate on Occasion

Aeration is one of the best things that you can do for your grass. This procedure involves pulling narrow cylinders of soil from the ground. The spacing allows for oxygen and water to penetrate the ground, which improves the soil’s ability to support life. Ideally, aerate the lawn once a year. If you have particularly dense soil, think about biannual aeration.

Keep off the Grass

It’s normal to walk across a lawn, such as at the park, but try to avoid this habit. If your lawn is struggling, any foot traffic will make things worse. Add stepping stones if necessary. Showing people the way across a yard will keep most traffic away from the grass.

Follow a fertilizing schedule that’s designed for your grass species. Every grass has slightly different needs. These extra nutrients will help the grass grow and thrive in nearly any environment.

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