Weekend Kitchen Renovation Project

The kitchen is seen to be the heart of the home, and for this reason alone it’s so important for you to love your kitchen and be happy with the way it looks. Many kitchen projects seem to be expensive, time consuming and messy, however there are so many ways in which you can add life and character to your kitchen without having to break the bank! Your kitchen should be a reflection of personal style, interests and character, therefore making sure you put your stamp on the décor is key. Here are a few affordable ways in which you can inject colour and life into your kitchen, using only the weekend to do so!

Colour is one of the strongest impacts you can make on your kitchen, having a splash of colour will instantly lift the whole atmosphere and create a fresh look. You can introduce colour in so many ways, dependant on how far you want to go. One of the biggest changes you can make is with your kitchen cabinet doors, as these are one of the largest features in your kitchen. Painting your kitchen cabinet doors is a fantastic way to add a burst of life to your kitchen, and very easy to do! You can tackle your kitchen unit doors whilst attached, or you can even remove them and give them a good painting outside to save the mess, either way you’ll notice a huge difference and feel like you’ve had a brand new kitchen fitted. If you’re happy with your kitchen units and don’t want to change the look of them, don’t worry, there are still so many other ways to revive your kitchen. Painting your table or chairs is also a great way to introduce some new colour to your kitchen, and such an easy project too. You could choose a simple neutral scheme or even go for a bolder splash of bright colours, but the great thing about painting these items is that you can always paint them back to their original colours, and you’re saving yourself so much money as you don’t have to worry about buying new ones, which can often become pricey!

An obvious but often overlooked way to update your kitchen, or any room, is to add details. Details can be made up of anything relevant to you, for example if you feel that you’re particularly good at cooking, you may want to introduce some new appliances or even place some cookbooks around the room to highlight your love for cooking, which will also add a touch of personal style to the room. Quirky items such as a knife rack, notice board, shopping list and even a dedicated herb section will add character to the room and highlight your personal interests. If you wanted to introduce something a little more exciting and personal, you could look at adding some new artwork or family photographs, injecting a personal touch whilst also filling in empty spaces on the walls or shelves. Artwork is a perfect way to show of your interests and passions, from bold and beautiful patterns to modern, contemporary images, you can really boast exactly what you like and brighten up your kitchen. Personal family photographs are perfect for keeping your personal touch on your home, adding a cosy feel and making your home feel inviting and welcoming. Black and White photos are a great way to create a lovely modern feel without losing the meaning of the photos.

It’s important to make sure that your kitchen ties in well with the rest of your home, you don’t want to have one room that is one theme and the rest looking out of place! Having a recurring theme can often work really well, for example having the same curtains or blinds in every room will simply keep the connection in a subtle way, without losing your style or making your home look repetitive. The perfect thing about all of these simple, cost effective changes is that you can get them done over one weekend! Allowing you to revive your kitchen without having to worry about the time you need to dedicate to do so!

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Matthew Okafor