5 Simple Ways to Luxuriate To Your Kitchen

Improving your kitchen is a smart investment. It can add an impressive interval to your home’s resale value, but even if you are not interested in selling, your family might certainly appreciate that it feels like they are living in Cuisines Rosemère luxury (even though it is just the same house as before).


Installing lighting on and inside cabinets seems like just a simple and practical improvement but it can actually do so much more. When you install this type of lighting, it can really make the room glow in a mysterious and glorious way; and is particularly magical if you approach it with a multi-directional focus.  You can continue to improve the value of this installation, too, with LED tape on top and underneath the cabinets.


Sometimes adding light to a room as more about what you take away than what you can install. For example, if you have a breakfast bar with overhead cabinets, consider removing the backs and the doors. Now you just have open shelves that you can access equally from both the kitchen and the dining area.  Not only is this pleasing to the senses, but it also makes a lot of sense, too.



Sometimes you want doors on your cabinets. And sometimes you feel like you should replace the cabinets altogether. Well, what about putting glass inserts in your cabinet doors. Resurfacing cabinet doors can probably save you up to 80 percent of the cost over replacing them. More importantly, this is a project the average homeowner should be able to do over a weekend; and you don’t have to go with boring, clear glass. Consider etched, crackled, fluted, patterned, or colored glass too.


Many cabinets and cupboards are very deep, which is inconvenient because cabinets are often low to the ground and cupboards are high off the ground. This means that even if you manage to use the storage space effectively, you still either have to kneel down to retrieve your mixing bowls or climb a step ladder to get to your casserole dish. Instead, consider the convenience of roll out shelves.


The ultimate in quick DIY kitchen upgrades might be adding crown molding. This surprisingly easy job can add some height to the space as well as heighten its appeal (and its value). Simple and elegant, this is the type of project every home owner should consider.

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Matthew Okafor