Creative Way to Design Your Metal Barn

Today, there are several ways to design any building structures that we can think of. Now that designing is so much better these days, even styling a metal barn house is easy. Metal barns are now becoming a fad since homeowners are becoming more open to the warm and easy nature of these sorts. It gives off that simple and welcoming air that makes anyone appreciate the relaxing vibe it offers. If you are aiming to accentuate and pull off that genuine country flair in your home, here are some creative ways to design your metal barn:

Tip: Add Wooden Elements

A metal barn house will never be complete if you don’t add any wooden elements in the area. In choosing the pieces of wooden decorations and furnishings that you are going to use, it is advisable that you pick the reclaimed ones. You are not only recycling, but you are also saving costs. Here are examples of wooden designs that you can use:

  • Rustic Headboard Design – Changing your headboard from a typical one into a rustic shrine will definitely give a huge impact in creating that country feel. You can choose an old barn door, used wooden planks, or vintage wooden flooring to use as a headboard.
  • Twine Covered Handles – This simple and elegant idea will instantly turn a barren door handle into a charming piece of work. By simply twirling a piece of twine onto your door handles, you’ll be able to get that lovely rustic effect. It is certainly inexpensive, easy, and fast to create.
  • Old Pallet Shelves – A pallet shelf is easy to find and is certainly cheap. With a pallet shelf in your barn home, you’ll get the chance to experiment on whatever used objects you have in the house. You can mix and match any item you desire. For instance, you can use reclaimed frames, old kettles, and flower vases to add more charm.
  • Stone Themed Kitchen Island – If you have a kitchen island, cover its base with stone or bricks. You can pick any shade as long as it matches your interior colors.
  • Recycled Tables – Gather slats of wood to create a fine piece that you can use as a table. Don’t stress too much about picking the same shade of wood. Proceed to sticking the pieces of lumber by using timber glue or nails to attach. When you are done with the table surface, add in the legs.
  • Wood Themed Backsplash – If you have a spare wall that needs to be designed, you can actually stack up some wood pieces to create a breathtaking backsplash. With this kind of backsplash, it will surely reinforce that country theme you are aiming for your metal barn.
  • Tree Trunk Side Tables – This adorable idea will never cause you any trouble at all. Just get yourself a tree stump and then you are all set. Just make sure that you varnish the pieces to keep them protected and glimmering.

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Matthew Okafor