how to choose the right bathroom sink

Everything To Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Sink

When you remodel the bathroom there are so many different factors to consider regarding the installations. Once you have settled on a style for the space, it’s time to start looking into the features which will be most used, and the bathroom sink is undoubtedly one of those. There’s a huge range of bathroom sinks to choose from that it can be hard to make the right choice. Here is what you should consider when choosing the best sink for your bathroom.

Space To Play With

Space is of course going to be of paramount importance here, so this is the best place to start. Choosing a sink which is too large for the space can make your bathroom feel cramped, and going too small could take something away from the theme. With this in mind it is important to choose the right sized sink for the bathroom.

General Theme of The Bathroom

The sink that you choose can have a huge impact on the overall theme that you are looking to create here. For example if you are going for a minimalist and spacious feel then a mounted glass sink could be a great option. Selecting a theme before you start looking into exactly what kind of sink you want, will certainly help you to make the right choice. This goes for all fixtures and fittings in fact, which is why you should look to pick out a theme before you begin to buy.

Functionality of the Sink

A great looking sink is one thing but making sure that you have one which suits your needs is equally as important. The last thing that you want is to buy is a small sink that doesn’t work for your family. Functionality is the most important factor here so consider who will be using it and how, before you make your final decision.

Budget For Your Sink

Your budget is going to be a huge factor when buying a bathroom sink, because the prices really range a great deal. The main factors which impact price are the size of the sink, the materials which are used in the sink such as stone, glass, acrylic, and the shape of the sink which you choose. If you wanted a custom made sink for example then this is of course going to run up a higher cost than a standard sized acrylic option. Don’t let your choice dictate your budget, make sure that it is the other way around.

And finally it is important that you have a clear understanding of how easy the sink will be to install. Many drop-in sinks are easy enough to install on your own, but there are many options out there which are more complicated and which will require a professional. This of course will cost you time and money, so be sure that you understand what the requirements are with regards to installation.

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