Getting Compensated For Hand Injuries – Here’s What You Need To Know!

Personal injury cases are typically hard to deal with, but if you have suffered because of someone’s negligence, you need to claim compensation, just to take care of all medical and other expenses. Now, if you check the types of injuries for which personal injury compensation claims are filed, you will find hand injuries to be common. Hand injuries can happen at work, can be related to a ‘trip and fall’ case, or even to an auto accident case. Talking of time, you have around three years for file for a claim, which can be extended in very unique circumstances. Ideally, it is best to contact a lawyer at the earliest, to get the most ideal advice in time. Below, we have listed a few things that you must know.

Compensation amount

If the injury is related to your dominant hand, you stand the chance of getting a better compensation. The average compensation payout for a hand injury depends on the facts of the case, but for losing both hands, you can expect somewhere between £90,000 and £1,29,000. For smaller injuries such as a dislocated thumb, expect an amount less than £4,000, while for amputation, that average can be around $14,000 or less. Every case is handled according to the facts, but you can check online to understand what you can realistically get. Common hand injuries include sprains, thumb injuries, hand fractures, wrist injuries and tendon injuries.

Hand injury at work

If your hand was injured at work, your employer is held accountable, as the company is responsible for your safety. They are supposed to take care of the working environment and machinery, so as to avert such accidents. It is important to understand that some industries are known for being dangerous for people who work in different roles. For example, if you are working in the oil and gas industry, you might have more chances of a hand injury than a regular clothes mill. If you are injured at work, the first step is to seek medical attention, and when you meet your doctor/physician for the first time, tell them it is an injury caused at work. You need more reports, information and witnesses, if you want to get compensated rightly.

Hand injury in public places

If you just tripped and injured your hand on someone else’s property, they can be held liable in certain cases. However, it also depends largely on the circumstances and facts, and therefore, it is rather hard to comment on the average compensation. However, if you are in your senses after the injury, take a note of everything that happened, including the situation.

Also, finding the right lawyer is equally important. You have to do your homework with regards to the options, and before assigning the case, consider meeting your lawyer in person, if your health permits. Take the early steps and collect all you can for your case with the help of your legal team, and getting the right compensation amount won’t be hard.

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