How Home Inspection Can Benefit Homeowners

The majority of people are aware of the advantages of hiring a professional home inspector who will examine a house they want to buy. However, have you ever thought of getting a home inspection done to your house even if you are not selling it? Here are some things a home inspector can offer to your house.

Home Maintenance Inspections

All areas of your house require preventive maintenance. When some things are left unattended, big issues will take place. A home inspector can be hired to help in checking these things:

  • Keeping exposed wood siding and trim well caulked and painted.
  • Cleaning the condensate drain out from the AC unit.
  • Lubricating door locks.
  • Removing the buildup of most on asphalt shingle roofs.

Home Inspection

Maintaining your house will preserve it. The majority of home inspectors can offer a consultation service for determining areas of the house which require preventive maintenance. House inspectors that provide consultation services often charge by the hour.

House Repair Assessments

If you are concerned about how your last plumbing repair or roof replacement was completed, hiring a professional home inspector to offer unbiased repair opinions can be worthwhile.

 Home inspectors can offer documentation and pictures of the pictures and then identify shortcuts which taken or when the job was performed to normal construction standards. When doubtful about your recent repair project, a fair and unbiased assessment by the inspector is likely to help.

Home Inspection1

Expert Witness Service

In case you have complaints against a certain tradesperson and can’t reach a resolution, contact a home inspector before you seeks legal action. A lot of home inspectors offer expert witness testimony which could offer benefit when a complaint needs to be legally resolved.

Often, the inspector will check the areas of concern, offer written documentation and pictures of the complaint and then agree to serve as an expert witness when the complaint can’t be worked out and needs to be heard in court. Home inspectors who do this service are often quite knowledgeable and promote this service on their site.

A Pre-Listing Inspection

A pre-listing house inspection is still gaining popularity. Being able to know your home’s conditions before putting it on the market can be helpful in getting a fair marketable value. Also, house inspections offer homeowners the chance to discover and make important repairs. A lot of realtors recommend having a pre-listing house inspection so they can present the house in the best marketable condition.

Home Inspection3

Extra House Inspection Services

A lot of house inspectors have extra ancillary services which can be done individually or combined with a house inspection. Pool and spa inspections, radon testing, indoor air quality, water sampling, septic testing and energy audits are some of the available services.

A number of areas require strict standards of practice for home inspectors and some house inspection groups require extensive knowledge and experience for members. But in some areas, no standards or experience are set for the house inspection profession.

Author Bio: Brad Sloan has built a reputation for being an award-winning blogger, He used to work for Melbourne House Check with a team of professionals.  His practical advice, especially on inspections, is regularly sought out by print, online and television media outlets.

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