How You Can Perform A Door Glass Repair Just Like A Glass Company Pro

Fixing certainly one of individuals small glass panes within an older wooden door could be costly. Glass companies typically charge between $100 to $300 for any repair similar to this. That’s a great deal of money for this type of relatively small bit of glass. But have no fear, by using the straightforward instructions below that you can do the repair yourself in around an hour, securely, expertly as well as for less than $5. Pretty good, huh?

What you will need:

– work mitts

– protective eye put on

– hammer

– 6-in-1 painters tool (or perhaps a stout putty knife)

– razor knife

– substitute glass from the home improvement store

Donning your protective eye put on and mitts, go ahead and take razor knife and cut across the paint lines in which the wood trim meets the wood frame. Be certain to cut as straight as you possibly can along gap between your frame and also the trim. The straighter you chop the simpler the task is going to be and also the better the task will come out. Spend some time.

Using the paint lines fully cut, go ahead and take painter’s tool (or putty knife) and lightly tap it using the hammer between your frame and also the trim. The trim, that is nailed towards the frame, will gradually edge from it and can not often come totally free since the ends is going to be held fast through the other bits of trim which are nearly always tightly fitted.

Alternatively release all bits of trim until one of these comes totally free. This might have a couple of minutes with the first being the most challenging and taking undoubtedly a long. Should you pull way too hard around the first piece it might snap in two. Should this happen, have no fear. Whenever you reinstall the damaged trim it’ll dovetail like a bit of a jigsaw puzzle and appear all right. Just a little edit paint will hide it entirely.

Using the trim now out remove the rest of the damaged glass. While using razor knife or painter’s tool will release the sticky pieces. After you are prepared to measure for that new pane.

The brand new door glass ought to be the same thickness because the old glass (probably 5/32 or 1/8 inch). The brand new glass ought to be a good 1/8 inch smaller sized compared to total opening size using the trim out. For example, when the total opening is 6″ x 12″, then your glass ought to be 5 7/8″x 11 7/8″. Think before attempting to cut the glass yourself, you may still find many small hardware stores around that sell glass cut-to-size. Call around first in order to save a little travel time.

You now should back their nails into the trim, being careful simply to tap it well so the point is not uncovered. Utilizing the same nail holes has lots of advantages, namely, it’s simpler to obtain the nail began, also it keeps you against nailing in to the new door glass or even the one alongside it.

Put the glass flush in to the frame opening and, holding it in position with one hands, slide within the top bit of trim and tap the nail in. Then simply just slide another pieces in. The final one would be the hardest (as was removing the first) and could require an 1/eighth inch being whittled from the finish from it using the razor knife.

Finish tapping within the nails and you are done. Simple as cake and tremendously less expensive than having to pay a glass company to have an simple to do door glass repair.

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