Mattress Reviews: Where to Find the Truth

When you are shopping for a product in the competitive world economy, you have to take care and do all that you can to be an educated consumer. In almost any sector of the market, there are excellent goods to be purchased for reasonable prices. The key, of course, is to find those products and to be sure that you are getting what you pay for.

It’s true that one of the best places to look for product and service recommendations is in the testimonial section of the company website. You will generally find this feedback to be overwhelmingly positive. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but you still have to be careful. One observer noted that you should only believe half of what you read.

Reliable Reviews

So, where do you turn when you want to know what past and current customers have to say about their experiences with a specific product? You may search for reviews using the product name, of course, though this will deliver dozens of sources of feedback and experience reports. Sometimes, the manufacturer has arranged for positive reviews as a marketing tactic. In fact, there are instances in which the company actually owns and controls the website that is presented as a review site.

What you may want to do is turn to a site that focuses on finding honest, reliable reviews among the dozens that you will find. In basic terms, it is difficult to find good information about products, including mattresses that can give you a good night’s sleep. The wise choice would be to visit sites such as

This is one of the few places you will discover that doesn’t have a bias for the product. The reviews are carefully screened to make sure that they aren’t paid marketing for the manufacturer. The site states up front that they set out to dig up the truth in mattress reviews so that their readers can get the good night’s sleep they need and deserve.


If you have doubts about the honesty and openness of this site, you might want to read the review that is included in the link. After all, Serta has a remarkable reputation among consumers. It is widely believed to deliver some of the best mattresses available anywhere. But the reviews of this particular mattress give others the scoop on what buyers have really thought about this model and line.


As you can see, there are some positive reports on the iComfort memory-foam collection. But overall, the honest reviews indicate that this mattress is about average, excelling in only a few areas. Pain relief and pressure-point relief are on the positive side, along with motion isolation that reduces disruption of other sleepers.

But many buyers reported negatively on the firmness, which seemed to deteriorate over time. Others were quite unhappy with the fact that their mattresses developed impressions where they normally rest, which prevented the mattress from being comfortable after just a few months. Overall, this may be one of the best places to find the truth about mattresses.

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