A Cost-Effective Kitchen Revamp

The kitchen is the most used room in the house, and for many, is the focal point of the home. The place for that early breakfast, a time for all the family to interact before heading off to their respective days, and also the location for those warming evening dinners, when we discuss the day’s activities. If you feel that your kitchen could do with livening up, here are some ideas to help you transform that dull area into a bright and lively environment for the whole family.

Wall-coverings and work surfaces

Wall coverings are essential around cooking appliances, and are ideal on any wall surface that joins a work surface. With a range of materials, which include a metallic effect, landscapes, and a choice of satin or matt finishes, these are applied to the wall with adhesive strips, and they are very easy to clean. This is one way of adding colour to a dull kitchen, and with the added practicality, are a popular choice.


Kitchen cabinets

If the budget stretches that far, consider replacing your kitchen cabinets. If you are tired of the shabby look, and are looking for high quality kitchens in New Malden, there are online renovators who can advise you on all aspects of kitchen design. If replacement is out of the question, you might want to repaint the cabinet and cupboard doors, as this alone will brighten up the room.


This is one way of changing the ambience of the room, as light is a big part of a room’s feeling. Blinds give you fine control over how much light enters a room, and in the kitchen, this is important. Early mornings aren’t the same without the sun’s rays casting a shadow on the kitchen floor.


The little things make a difference, and by making a few subtle changes, you can breathe some fresh air into your kitchen.

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Matthew Okafor