Simple Tips For The Perfect Lawn

Your lawn is the outside pride of your home. We all aspire to have the greenest and freshest looking lawn in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, sometimes this isn’t always the case. However, we are going to change your luck today. We’ve included a list below of the top tips for growing the perfect lawn for your home.

Start With Weed Prevention

There’s nothing that can kill the look of your lawn worse than weeds. Dandelions and crabgrass are among the worst of them. You should take preventative measures to ensure they don’t pop up anytime soon. By using a pre-emergent in the early Spring you can do your best to keep your lawn weed free for the Spring and Summer months.

Leave Your Grass High

One mistake that many homeowners make is mowing their lawn low so that they only have to mow it once a week. Don’t follow the majority! You should keep your lawn naturally high to ensure it doesn’t get damaged by heat and other weather factors.

Decide to mow twice a week instead of once a week. This will keep your grass looking amazing all year round. A good rule of thumb is never to cut more than one-third of the grass off during any mowing session.

Sharpen Your Mower Blade

Having a dull mower blade can result in tearing your grass, rather than cutting it. When you tear your grass it not only has a ragged edge cut, it can turn your lawn a grayish brown color. The frequency of sharpening your blade will depend on how often you mow and the size of your lawn. You should look at the blade after each mow to see when it starts to show signs of wear.

Nitrogen Your Lawn

Unless you are using artificial turf gilbert az, you should be fertilizing your lawn with nitrogen. This is an important chemical that helps the grass retain its green color. One major rule of thumb here is not to feed your grass while it is dormant because it can’t take in the nutrients. You will be essentially wasting money if you do.

You should be fertilizing your lawn at different times of the year depending on where you live. In the northern part of the country go for Fall and Spring fertilizing. For those living in the southern part of the country, you should opt for Spring and Summer feedings.

Reseed When Necessary

You don’t have to wait until your entire lawn is dead before you reseed it. Any spots that are starting to thin out can benefit from being reseeded. Simply apply some seed in the late Spring for warm-season grasses and the Fall for cool-season grasses. A simple online search will help you to reveal which type of grass your home currently has.

By taking into account these simple tips and implementing them for use with your own lawn, you can ensure your home has the best looking lawn on the street.


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Matthew Okafor