Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Bedsheets

Your bed serves two very distinct functions. First, your bed needs to place where you can rest and sleep; also, it needs to be part of the design scheme of your bedroom. The bed is oftentimes the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom; thus, it immediately draws the eye. Furthermore, in a small bedroom, the bed might be the only thing in the room. So, if you have a design scheme in mind, you need to make sure not only that your bed fits this vision, but that it is also comfortable enough for you to get the best night’s sleep possible. Here are a few ways to tackle both needs and the different merits of certain elements.

The Sheets

A bed usually has a fitted sheet over the mattress with a matching flat sheet. These form the foundation of the bedding and are usually what is in direct contact with your body. Some people eschew the use of a flat sheet, but this type of sheet has a distinct advantage. While they are usually fairly thin, and therefore, do not provide much warmth, they can increase comfort. Also, they can protect your blankets. For one, you will not have to wash your heavier blankets nearly as often. A fitted sheet can also be a higher quality than a blanket; a high thread count fitted sheet will be very comfortable to sleep on. However, you should be aware that high thread count sheets are more susceptible to tearing and fraying when they are washed repeatedly as they need to be.

The Heavier Blankets

Heavier blankets are useful for keeping you warm and comfortable, especially on cold nights.  Quilt covers are often the heaviest blanket, but they are rarely used for comfort. They are usually more focused on protecting the comforter and aiding the design scheme. Heavier blankets tend to be comforters, quilts, and fleeces. Comforters and quilts are great for keeping you comfortable; they are warm and soft. The biggest drawback is keeping your heavier blankets clean. They are difficult to wash and dry. Oftentimes, they do not even fit in traditional washers and dryers. If they do, they might take a very long time to dry. You need to consider this when you are deciding which blankets to buy. You should also consider a cover to put over your comforter to keep it protected for longer.

The Design

The design of your cover is what will pull together the design scheme of your bedroom. The cover is typically the most colourful and interesting sheet because it does not have the same considerations for comfort. Since the duvet cover is rarely used for comfort and warmth, it can be made from different materials that are more concerned with aesthetics. Duvet covers are also a great choice if you have children. Children are notoriously messy and prone to damaging their bedsheets with spills and accidents. If you have a cover over the comforter, you can keep it protected. Also, your kids will love the different design options. They often feature characters that kids know and love.

Investing in great bedsheets is important for not only your comfort, but your interior design scheme, as well.

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Matthew Okafor