Benefits of an Insulated Roller Shutter Garage Door

Do you think insulated garage doors are just for cold climates? Well, think again! Insulated garage doors are excellent for any type of climate, and they offer any homeowner universal benefits.

Climate Control

If you spend more time in your garage than what it takes to exit your car and enter the house, then an insulated garage should be on your list of things to get for your home. Today’s garage is usually not only a parking area, but also a craft room, workshop, recreation area, showplace for vehicles, and storage area for valuables.

Depending on the climate and the time of year, you may want to think about heating or cooling the garage to make it a more comfortable environment. After all, it’s most likely one of the largest rooms in your home, so maximise its use!

If you do heat or cool the garage, then an insulated garage door from your local roller shutter garage doors supplier and manufacturer will keep your heating and cooling costs lower. When you combine the numerous benefits of an insulated garage door with a well-organised garage, the possibilities are endless!

Energy Efficient

Insulated doors offer a lot more benefit to those whose garages are attached to their homes. The insulation of the home’s walls reduces the amount of heat that goes into the garage, and the insulation in the garage door limits the transmission of heat into the exterior environment. If the garage door is not insulated, it’s just one less barrier for the hot or cold air to dissipate through, which lessens the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling systems.

Less Noise

For those who have an attached garage with a living space attached to the garage or above the garage, an insulated garage offers a noise prevention benefit. Just as insulation keeps the hot or cold air out, insulation keeps the noise out, too. If you live on a busy street or in a noisy neighbourhood, you might want to consider an insulated door.

Stronger Door

Garage door strength will depend on the strength and the solidness of the construction material, as well as the method of construction of the door. As an example, a single layer steel door is not nearly as strong as an insulated door with double or triple layers.

Double layered garage doors are typically made out of galvanised steel on the outer layer and polystyrene on the inside layer. While it’s called a double layer design, it really has a third layer of plastic on the inside for ease of cleaning and aesthetic purposes.

Triple layer garage doors have insulation between the two layers of steel or wood. The outer layer can look like your home’s siding or complement it, and the inside is usually smooth.

Having an insulated garage door installed will save you a lot of money in the long run, and it will make your home a quieter place.

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Matthew Okafor