Benefits of Having Tile and Grout Professionally Cleaned

 When it comes to maintenance, upkeep, and renovations, tile is one of the most popular home or business improvement solutions. It’s tough, attractive, and can last for years to come. However, if you neglect or postpone basic care and cleanings, your dream home can turn into a nightmare. Scheduling professional tile and grout cleaning at regular intervals can ensure your home remains heavenly. But why spend the money on professional cleaning as opposed to doing it yourself?

Professional Cleaning Controls and Removes Mold

While ceramic, clay, or marble tile may look solid and smooth, it’s actually porous. The same is true for grout which fits between individual tiles to secure and seal the room or chosen area. Rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms retain a lot of moisture and heat, and they often have limited amounts of light. Such conditions are perfect breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. While personal cleaning may provide a lightened or muted version of mold removal, professional cleaning gets the job done right every time.

Professionals Are Trained to Avoid Damage

Tile and grout may look tough, but using the wrong products or equipment can make it crumble under the pressure. Using a little elbow grease is one thing, but too much can cause cracks, chips, or disastrous damage that require and entire room overhaul. Grout is far easier to damage than tile, and painful repairs can be felt all the way to the bank. Professionals know exactly how much pressure and what products to use to avoid any damage, leaving behind clean and shiny surfaces that can even be mistaken as brand new.

Professional Tile Cleaning Is Safer for the Entire Family

Not all cleaners are equal. Kitchen cleaners or degreasers may work wonders on appliances, but they barely touch the mold or mildew in the bath. And as for bath cleaners, try to use them consistently in other rooms, and your finishes are likely to be stripped or pitted from chemical burns. According to the EPA, only 7% of name-brand cleaners have their toxicity levels clearly marked on the bottles; so you never know what you or your loved ones are inhaling or what’s being absorbed into your skin. Professional tile and grout cleaners use the most current cleaning solutions, safety equipment, and disposal methods so all you have to worry about is scheduling the appointment.

Experts Can Prolong the Lifespan of Your Tile

Germs, bacteria, and mold are living creatures that feed on dirt and food particles while eating away at porous materials. As they do so, they leave behind a waxy substance, or plaque, which collects more dirt and debris. This cycle of filth is disgusting and almost impossible to control alone once it begins. It’s not only a health issue, it also weakens the structure of your tile and grout. Professional cleaners have all the training, equipment, and chemicals at the ready to attack the growth and reverse the filth cycle. This prolongs the lifespan of your tiles or grout so you won’t have to replace it earlier than expected.

Professional Care Can Save You Time and Money

DIY regrouting or high-pressure cleaning can cover or remove surface grime on your tile or grout, but if anything lingers expect to repeat the process every few months. Even if you’re lucky enough to improve the surface aesthetics, stains, warping, and undergrowth are likely to remain. Professional tile and grout cleaners can easily assess the damage, estimate cost of repairs–if any, provide all necessary equipment, and clean up the mess. Call today to see how fast having your tile and grout cleaned in Macomb, Michigan pays for itself.

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