A fireplace is one of the classic ways to add a chic look to the room. It is hard to go wrong with it. When you are looking to install one, you know it is an investment that will serve you for a very long time to come. You should definitely consider Regency Fireplace. Established in 1979, it is now a world leader in hearth products. The company uses state-of-the-art technology to manufacture some of the best fireplaces in the industry. Following are some of the fireplaces from Regency fireplace that you can choose from.

New York View 40 Gas

If you are looking for a medium-sized fireplace to be installed under the TV, this is the perfect option. You can choose to have a direct or a power vent. The fireplace has a 40-inch linear burner and provides you with a clear view of the fire. An invisible glass barrier is placed in front of the fireplace for safety purposes.

New York View 60 Gas

The New York view 60 gas fireplace is a great option if looking for a large fireplace. You can choose from a direct or a power vent. As the name suggests, the fireplace has a 60” linear burner. The reflective enamel or the glass panels that are placed in front of the fire provide a clear view of the fire. This type of fireplace can also be installed under the television.

New York View 72 Gas

When you are looking for a fireplace that could act as a centrepiece of the room, this is the one that you should consider. The New York View 72 gas fireplace is extra large and has a 72-inch linear burner. There is standard interior lighting and a glass safety barrier. The glass provides a clear view of the fire. You can install this type of fireplace right below the television. You can choose any finishing material for this fireplace. Wood is one of the most popular finishing material options.

San Francisco Bay 40 Gas

This is another medium-sized fireplace by the Regency fireplace. There is an invisible glass safety barrier that provides a clear view of the fire. The linear burner is 40 inches. You could choose from natural gas or propane fireplace. San Francisco Bay comes with standard interior lighting.

San Francisco Bay 60 Gas

San Francisco Bay 60 is another large fireplace option you could consider. This fireplace has an invisible glass safety barrier with a clear view of the flame and standard interior lights. The view of the fireplace is enhanced by the three sides of the viewing. You can opt for the direct or power vent.

San Francisco Bay 72 Gas

It is an extra-large fireplace which gives you a clear view of the fire. The fireplace has standard interior lights. The 72 in the name suggests the 72-inch linear burner fireplace has. You can install it in the corner and finish it with the material of your choice.

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