Buy Pleated Blinds to Enhance Furnishings of Your Home

Pleated blinds can add style and elegance to your home. Apart from being stylish, Vekkiverhot have several other benefits. This guide will brief you some more benefits of pleated blinds.

Advantages of Pleated Blinds

  • Easy Storage

Pleated blinds can be easily stored. This feature of pleated blinds makes them perfect choice for people having less spacious home. Usually, students and people living in rented apartments prefer such blinds due to their handling and storage convenience.

  • Sunlight Filter

Pleated blinds serve as a great filter of sunlight. They help to protect interiors from getting affected by harmful rays. You can customize the amount of light you want in your room using these blinds.

If installed in cooler states or cities, these blinds can save about 30% of the cooling costs. These awnings are efficient in preventing direct sunlight which is not only annoying, but harmful for your furnishings.

  • Easy Maintenance of Windows

For window treatments, pleated blinds are the best. In case, you have kept curtains on windows, you need to unlock and wash them on weekly basis.

In comparison to this, pleated blinds don’t require any special washing for maintenance. They just need few wipes of soft brush for removing the dust and an extra rub with an old piece of cloth for removing stubborn stains. You don’t need to spend hours for cleaning windows, just few minutes every week will work fine.

  • Beautify Rooms

Pleated blinds compliment furnishings of your home while allowing adequate amount of light to pass through. Earlier there were only few options available in the market, but nowadays, many new designs have emerged. If you are looking for blinds to be installed in your bedroom and want it to be romantic, then “sheer romance” can be a great option.

On the other hand, if your room is filled with traditional furnishings, you can go for “traditional and tidy “design. This design will ensure that the traditional look of your room is maintained, while adding a part on elegance on it. These blinds will surely assist you in providing a good night sleep as they don’t let lights come inside the room.

  • Various Width Options

You have the option to choose from various width size. Standard width is one inch, however if your windows are large in size, you can also go for two-inches width blinds. However, it is important that before buying blinds for your windows, you take accurate measurement of the windows. A wrong measurement of window size can lead to wasteful expenditure. Therefore, make sure that you measure the size correctly and then go ahead.

  • Material Choices

Pleated blinds are available in various materials and fabrics varying from heavy to sheers. The fabric so chosen can help in prevention of UV rays thereby protecting your decor, furnishings, wall paint colors, artwork and wooden flooring from drying or fading out. However, it is important that you decide fabric and choose shades, which can compliment your furnishings. In case you’re looking for high quality blinds, your search ends at Avaeksperdid – Kaihtimet ja Verhot.

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James Harris has written this article. If you are looking to buy designer Vekkiverhot in Estonia, you must contact Avaeksperdid – Kaihtimet ja Verhot. They offer wide range of pleated blinds at the most affordable prices.


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