Home Flooring: Discover the Advantage of Vinyl Flooring

It’s time to redo the floors.  With so many flooring options, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.  There are so many pros and cons to each type.  Some may look beautiful but are too expensive.  Some may work for one room, but not for another.  If you are looking for versatile flooring material that works well in just about any room, look no further than vinyl.

Wide Array of Choices

Vinyl flooring offers a huge selection of design options.  There are three major types available.  Sheet vinyl is available in varieties that mimic both the look and feel of surfaces like stone or wood.  Vinyl tile works similar to ceramic and porcelain tile in that it can be arranged in different patterns to create a unique look.  Luxury vinyl mimics such materials as slate, marble and hardwood.

Home Flooring Vinyl Flooring


Many flooring options can be quite costly.  Vinyl can mimic the look and even the feel of these materials at a much more budget friendly price point.  While sheet and tile vinyl are considered very affordable, even luxury vinyl can be purchased without draining your bank account.


Vinyl floors can stand up to a decent amount of foot traffic.  Special coatings add an extra barrier of protection against scratches, stains and moisture.  Properly installed and maintained, these floors can last over twenty years.  They also tend to be much more comfortable underfoot, as they are backed with foam or felt.  This also makes them a great choice to reduce noise and help prevent a dropped dish from shattering.

Easy to Clean

Vinyl floors require very little maintenance.  Just the occasional sweeping and mopping is enough.

Easy to Clean

Easy to Install

Vinyl floors install very easily over flat, smooth, clean subfloors.  There are two types.  Click lock vinyl flooring simply snaps together.  For glue down vinyl flooring, start in the center of the room and work your way out, laying down the vinyl as you spread the adhesive.

With so many options available without the price tag, vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for just about any room of your home. For more information on vinyl flooring, head on over to GoHaus.com and request your flooring samples today!

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