Decorating? Art Choices Just Became Easier

If you are decorating or remodeling, one of the best ways to set off a room or a hallway is to include wall art that accentuates that design that you created. Unfortunately, although you probably know what you like, it often takes quite a bit of time to find a piece that is perfect for you. And when you do find it, it can take even more time to decide on how you will present it in its frame.

All things considered, it was much easier in college when you could just use posters or pictures without a frame on your walls.

On the other hand, there are decorating services available that can save you time and money while still allowing you to find the precise piece that you want. Here are some of the top providers of art that you can use to create the perfect room:

Getty Images:

Getty has one of the largest databases of art in the world. They have developed a sophisticated, yet easy to use licensing system with artists that makes it easy to ensure that they will always have the best artwork available for their customers. The website, by Getty Images specifically offers a very large number of photos that the website can frame for you in five different styles and four different sizes. That makes it easy to just select exactly what you want in a photo or piece of printed art. Of course there are site tools that allow you to also see exactly what the different framing options look like before you order so that you get the perfect combination.

Medallion Rug Gallery:

Medallion embraced Internet sales early on and has grown from serving California to shipping rugs all over North America. One of the things that customers like about them is that they also offer antique rugs online that have already accrued value. Among their new rugs, which only come from the top Asian manufacturers, are several products that will become collector’s items over time. The nice thing about looking at an Oriental rug when you are decorating a room is that there are very few pieces of art that you can purchase that you can walk on for a hundred years and still have it be worth more than it was when you purchased it.

Secondary Art Markets:

Art galleries are a great place to purchase art for your home or business. Going to gallery openings can give you a good idea of what will work on your wall. Secondary art markets are normally like a dealer cooperative where they provide discounts to each other in order to have a larger inventory available. You can normally see this type of market online at sites like

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