Few Causes for Foundation Problems That You Need to be Aware of

Foundation of a structure has to be strong with immobile soil beneath to support the building. Foundation problems and its damages can possibly occur due to various reasons ranging from construction default to naturally occurring collateral damage. How do you think you can spot one?

Home foundation repair can usually create a lot of problems for homeowners. The best way to look ahead for this kind of repair is to keep a constant watch on the problem. One of the most common mistakes a person commits is to postpone the repair until the situation worsens. Therefore, it is important on your behalf to get an expert work on the problem as soon as you observe any signs that needs immediate attention.

Before we work on solving the problem, let’s consider reading about few common causes of foundation problems. Which are –

Melting of the snow

Often after the snow melts, it results in flooding. With excess flooding, water intrusion is likely to take place. If there is any hole or way out for the water to flow, this flowing water might find a way into your home.


You might know when the moisture in the soil is removed, there is a chance of the foundation shrinking or pulling away from its original space. When the soil gets pulled away, there is an automatic creation of gap which results in movement of the foundation. This however might possibly cause creation of gap.


During earthquake the earth tends to shake and so does the foundation. Most of us might have an illusion that the area we are in is not an earthquake prone area and it isn’t moving but this isn’t true. Therefore, it is important on your behalf to look for cracks, blockage and gaps after any kind of such natural movement to make sure there isn’t unnecessary damage to the foundation.

Heavy or expansive kind of soil

The kind of soil used for the foundation doesn’t make a big difference on the stability of it. Soils which are expansive clay soil, has the possibility of going through drastic changes with the presence of moisture. In addition to that, soil shrinking affects the foundation which leaves enough room for the foundation to move and form cracks.

Besides these, other possible causes for foundation damage includes, leakage from plumbing, drainage issues, poor construction, etc. Consult a foundation expert to determine the cause for foundation damage, who will also help you take the right course of action in order to repair it.

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