Five Reasons to Purchase Roller Screens for Your Home

There are many options for keeping the sun from shining through your windows, including drapes, mini blinds, and window screens. The décor of your home will be the primary influence on the type of window treatment that you use, but you should also consider treatments that are easy to maintain. Here are some of the reasons you should hang retractable roller screens in your home.

Reduce Energy Bills

Roller screens will help keep the sunlight from streaming into windows, which will prevent the temperature from rising in your home and keep the air conditioning system from working harder to compensate for the change. When the AC has to work harder, it is constantly turning on and off, which uses more energy and increases your energy bills. Blocking the sun prevents the temperatures from fluctuating and prevents the AC from overworking.

Fit Any Window

Roller screens can be customised to fit any windows in your home, including corner windows and sliding doors. Roller screen suppliers can make them up to four and a half metres wide and three metres long, so they can easily cover large windows that get sunlight exposure in the morning or during the afternoon. They also come in a variety of fabric options, so you can choose the colours that best suit your décor or that allow you to see through the screens while still blocking the sun’s rays.


Hide Away Treatments

Unlike other window treatments, when they are not being used, roller screens retract fully into the housing so you don’t see them. The housing completely hides them and provides you with an unobstructed view of the surrounding scenery or your backyard. Friends and family who visit your home won’t even realise you have roller screens, unless they are down and blocking the sunlight from shining into your home.

Outdoor Applications

Roller screens have both indoor and outdoor applications. If you have a patio area or a pergola, you can have roller screens customised for your outdoor area to provide shade when you want to entertain or sit outside during the day. Along with providing shade for your outdoor space, the screens will also help keep insects away, so you are not bothered when you’re outside having a meal with friends or family.

Easy to Use

The roller screens are easy to deploy when you want to block the sun, because they operate at the touch of a button. Before you go to work, you can press the button to make sure they are down during the hottest part of the day when you’re not at home. If you have outdoor roller screens and the wind starts blowing, you can quickly put the screens down to block dust and debris from blowing onto you and your guests.

Whether you need treatments for your windows or want to provide shade for your outdoor area, retractable roller screens are a good option. They are easy to maintain and can pay for themselves by keeping your energy bills under control.

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Matthew Okafor