Rarely one would say no to living in a modern and stylish home. They not only offer the latest features but are styled and constructed in a best-assorted manner. Now, how to style and decorate the modern home is entirely in your own hands. You can opt for the contemporary furniture and colour palette or keep the culture alive by possessing traditional amenities such as conventional sofas, especially Green chesterfield sofas. It will add charm and glory to the style while keeping intact the family values.

What is a leather chesterfield sofa?

Many traditions go down the drain, but some keep up the journey. Such an example is the Green chesterfield sofa. It is a traditional sofa designed as an oversized couch with rolled arms which is the same height as the back. It is upholstered with genuine leather of various dark colours, with buttons tufted deep into the leather. It gives a hardy boys vibe and entices people to use them.

Do modern houses need traditional sofas?

Combining modern house decor with traditional sofas can be challenging. The blend can create a multi-layer space that will take you further and take the family values alongside. The additional perk is to get the personalized space you always dreamed of having. So the addition of traditional sofas such as Green chesterfield sofas is not what you see in every other modern home.

Five traditional sofas for modern homes:

Sofas are the centre of attraction in the room. It is accompanied by the centre table best reserved for serving food or keeping books. In this article, we have outlined five traditional sofas which you will find in your budget and will give an aesthetic appeal to the entire modern home.

  • The condo sofas:

The condo sofas are one of the most comfortable sofas available in the market. It fits in any modern home, be it a condo, apartment or bungalow. These sofas come in various sizes, and colours are a wide choice to pick up. Additionally, you can pick the style of legs according to the room decor.

  • Retro style sofa:

The design is inspired by the 80s, which can be linked to the creation of the future. It has an aesthetic appeal because of the bright colours it comes in. It is low backed with a humped backrest and the same as armrests. This piece of furniture can go with all other components of the same era, or you can add a modern wooden frame to give it a minimalist look.

  • Mid-century tufted sofa:

As the name suggests, this mid-century style sofa goes contemporary in style. The unique and dramatic fashion with the right curves at the armrest will surely catch the eyes of many. They are made out of teal and other fabric with polyester as the main addition to it. It comes with separate seats, which are velcro secured for optimal comfort. It comes in regular size and will fit in all spaces.

  • Three-seat sofas:

This velvety sofa is as comfortable as you can think. This premium three-seat sofa comes in one piece, as the sides and bottom are affixed. There are side pillows that are movable. The legs are attached as well to save the hassle of screwing it up. This premium club style sofa is considered best for individuals or micro families.

  • Green chesterfield sofas:

Nothing can beat the classic style of green chesterfield sofas. This timeless piece is considered modern and traditional and is liked by all age and gender groups. This sofa has an oversized couch with rolled armrests. They are in line with the height of the backrest and are upholstered in the most genuine leather you can find. They are nailhead trim and are buttoned deep for a rugged look.

Why are green chesterfield sofas popular?

The great saying goes, the older the wine, the better it is. The same goes with this classic sofa. The leather age with time and gives elegance and dignity to the owner. Furthermore, they are most prone to wear and tear and last longer. Overall, it is a worthy investment.

Are green chesterfield sofas comfortable?

The simple answer is yes. These are the most comfortable sofas available anywhere combined with the iconic style. It will add value to your home.


There is a complete wide variety of traditional sofas available everywhere. It is up to every individual to pick the couch best suited to the needs and budget. Nonetheless, nothing can beat the green chesterfield sofa. So choose wisely and live a comfortable life.

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Matthew Okafor