Being Your Best Self: Staying Fit and Healthy

We live in an extraordinarily hypercritical society, and this concept has only deepened over the past several years. As the world shifts towards an interrelated globalised landscape, privacy has been replaced with 24/7 Internet publicity. From Facebook and Twitter to Snapchat and Instagram, everyone is incessantly posting new pictures, updating his or her statuses, and augmenting his or her social media personas. As a result, many individuals have developed two distinct personalities: an Internet identity and a real-life identity.

Because of the fact that our outward appearance is constantly on display for the whole world to see, many people have started taking shortcuts in an effort to enhance their online image. Some people utilise photo editing software to mask skin blemishes, trim fatty love handles, and whiten their teeth, whereas others apply different scenic effects to their photographs in order to hide imperfections. But when you stop and really think about it, this is an exercise in futility. Altering a picture doesn’t change how you actually look and feel in real life, as you are merely perpetrating a ruse. After all, what do you expect your long-lost friend to think when he or she sees that you’re 20 kilograms heavier than your social media pictures show?

Instead of wasting your time with these virtual augmentations to your outward appearance, it would be much wiser to attack the root of the problem instead: your fitness level.

Getting Started on Your New Body

Getting into shape can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to appease years of poor dieting and a general lack of exercise. Rather than joining a high-pressure gym right from the get-go, it’s much wiser to start off slowly in the comforts of your own home. You can perform basic stretches and exercises for the first couple of days as you get acclimated to increasing your heart rate. However, if you truly want to achieve noticeable results, you should acquire some professional exercise equipment for your home. One machine in particular can help you obtain a full body workout on a daily basis: the rowing machine. If you’re looking to hire a rowing machine at, you should know about the plethora of benefits this exercise machine can provide, especially with regard to enhancing your outward appearance.

Why Hire a Rowing Machine?

The modern rowing machine is a piece of exercise equipment that has been optimised for indoor training. This machine essentially mimics the same range of motion that one experiences when rowing a watercraft. As an aerobic exercise, rowing allows even the greenest of exercise enthusiasts to notch up his or her physical endurance level in a short period of time. By blending an upper-body exercise regimen with a lower body workout, you’ll be able to give yourself a great foundation upon which to build your physical fitness levels. A rowing machine will bolster your shoulder muscles, tighten the skin around your arms, trim belly fat, and, most importantly, allow you to shed those unnecessary kilos.

To boot, many of these machines for hire come with a host of other desirable benefits as well. For instance, you can hire a rowing machine for durations of four to 28 weeks at rates as low as £15.00 per week and some machine hires actually come with a bonus treadmill included.

Stop editing your pictures; instead, edit yourself. Find the perfect home-based exercise machine online and give it a try!

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Matthew Okafor