Four Ways to Unclog your Drain

Some home repairs such as clogged drains require immediate attention. No matter what you are doing, you will have to stop everything to fix the problem to avoid flooding in the floor or losing the use or your toilet, tub or sink. Unclogging a drain is not always a simple issue. But before calling an emergency plumber in Newcastle, you can try these tips.

Create your Own Drain Cleaner

A number of drain cleaners are just effect on some types of clogs. In case the clog is caused by grease, you can make your own drain cleaner from baking soda and vinegar. Siphon half a cup of baking soda into the drain then add vinegar.

Flush the Drains with Boiling Water

While this does not guarantee to unclog grease or physical blockages, if the drain is caused by a small or lighter blockage, great boiling water can clear this out with minimal effort. Before you the tub or sink with water, wait until it has finally drained. But remember that this trick works best on metal pipes. PVC pipe joints can melt when you pour water over 175 degrees on them.

Make or Purchase a Drain Snake

Small clogs can be dealt with by buying a long pipe cleaner or small snake to know if you can pull out or break through whatever is clogging the drain. You can find this quite useful if your drain is clogged by hair. Alternatively, use wire coat hanger that has s mall bend at its end to snake the drain. Just be careful with this to prevent this tool from damaging the drain or pipes.

When Everything Fails

Sure, chemical drain cleaners can be used; however, they can sometimes do more harm than good. The main issue with these cleaners is that they are not quite effective at the kind of clogs that you would need a plunger or snake for anyway. You should use chemical cleaners as your last resort.


In case none of these methods will work, call a plumber who specializes in all plumbing needs such as hot water system installation Newcastle NSW and drain clog fixes. Perhaps you have a deep clog in the walls or a backup beyond the capacity of the majority of your household tools.  An excellent plumber will ensure your drains will be unclogged properly and in no time.

Author Bio – Andrew Mead is an experienced plumber for commercial and residential properties at Hunter Eco Plumbing. He specialises in hot water system repairs and installations.

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