Home Interior Design Idea – Faux Finishing Done Affordably With Paper Illusions

Are you currently searching for any brand new decorating idea that isn’t likely to break your bank? Turn existing mis-matched products already found around your home into superbly coordinated interior decor.

You just need some wallpaper primer and Paper Illusions…along with a couple of simple application tools. Before you decide to roll your vision thinking of wallpapering, allow me to explain first relating to this product. It’s unlike anything you have ever seen before…meaning traditional wallpaper. And it’s not only for walls!


Paper Illusions or PaperIllusion(tm) is really a faux finish wallpaper product by Village particularly made with regards to ripping or tearing into pieces and decorating various surfaces. Rather of calculating, cutting and matching strips, paper illusions is torn into pieces and used in an overlapping manner developing a true textured, faux finish effect. It’s available in over 30 colors/patterns.

This specifically formulated breathable paper is pre-pasted by having an adhesive that stays with itself making use of the merchandise super easy…you simply tear it, dip it in water and put it on your surface…not one other glue is required.

A wallpaper primer can be used to coat the top before application. This really is essential to insure it adheres correctly.

Paper Illusions, although most frequently employed for decorating walls, may also be used in decorating any clean, flat dry surface. Including however is not restricted to paneling, wood, metal, glass, concrete, card board and plastic. When the surface will probably be handled frequently or uncovered to moisture it’s suggested to follow along with the applying having a couple of jackets of the water-based memory. This really is accustomed to seal the applying. Otherwise you can easily let it rest out of the box.

When i state it’s not only for walls, I am talking about you are able to decorate your countertops, floors, furniture & fixtures by using it. You may create architectural details for example faux (fake) marble posts from PVC pipes and a few wood. And you may turn yard sale trash into classy-searching treasures. Then when you consider paper illusions, don’t believe wallpaper…think a multi-purpose pre-pasted decorative paper.


Let us just say your not prepared to redo your walls or resurface your kitchen area counters, but you need to tie some fundamental elements in every room together to provide an attractive well-balanced decor during your home. Here are a few simple decorating ideas:

Kitchen/Diner: Collect some cheap wooden bowls and old glass or metal canisters/jars and use the Paper Illusions to produce a chic coordinating set. Use bowls like a table centerpiece to carry fruit, pine cones, or nuts. You may also put one around the table or hearth mantle within the family room to tie into other rooms. Make use of the canisters/jars to carry dry goods, for example flour, sugar & salt. Convey a couple of within the bathroom to carry cotton balls, swabs & personal products.

Bed room: Have you got some furnishings that require a facelift? A nightstand, a headboard, a dresser or vanity. You are able to refinish that furniture with Paper Illusions. What about mirrors you are able to mount in your walls or focused on the night time stand? You are able to cover the photo mattes within presently matching frames or really cover plain mismatched frames to produce a matching set.

Family Room: Have you got some furnishings here that require a facelift? An espresso table or some finish tables, a bookcase or some shelving unit or perhaps a beat-up entertainment center. You are able to refinish this furniture too or simply servings of it, just like a desktop or individual shelves. What about some household goods just like a glass vase, a wood tray, or perhaps a plastic bin…many of these can be simply engrossed in this decorative paper. Lamp shades & light switches…why don’t you?

Office At Home: Surely you’ve some card board boxes you turns into beautiful storage bins. You are able to cover a plastic cup to secure your pens, the colour tone in your desk lamp and also the drab searching wastepaper basket…developing a superbly coordinated set. Have you got a rusty old file cabinet this is a complete eyesore…convert this too!

Bathroom: Surely you’ve got a waste basket in here. And just what about this plastic toilet bowl scrubber & stand sitting behind the bathroom ….along with a tissue box. You are able to cover many of these (and seal all of them with a memory to safeguard from moisture) to possess a matching set.

I’m able to continue, but you have the concept. This decorative faux finish wallpaper is really a beginning home decorator’s closest friend. Try something easy and discover for yourself how easy it’s to produce beautiful coordinating pieces from items you already own. Full 85 sq . ft . rolls can be found for the most part wallpaper stores.

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