How To Remove A Tree From Your Yard

A few years ago, a married couple bought a new home with a giant Peruvian pepper tree in the back yard.  As the tree took up a lot of the backyard, the in-laws arranged for a surprise present, a contracting crew would come out and chop down the pepper tree so there would be more sunshine.  The problem, of course, was that they came out and created a real mess.  They chopped a lot of the tree up, but left a 15 foot radius trunk with a few large limbs hanging off of it.  When the owner returned, he ended up having to spend weeks cutting and scraping the rest of the trunk away.

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Here are some ways to avoid the same fate that occurred to the homeowner that had to fix other peoples’ mistakes:

Fire a pre-emptive strike:

A lot of people call contractors after trees in their yard come crashing down during a storm.  Some contractors have noticed that calling them in the immediate aftermath of a storm means that the contractor may already be quite busy.  So what one contracting company suggested was that people that would like fewer trees crashing down during storms should schedule tree topping and chopping service before they actually encounter a storm.

With a pre-emptive strike like that, your yard should be prepared to weather any type of storm without bringing a tree down on your home or car.

Use a national service:

There are not many homeowners that believe there is a nationwide tree removal service.  And yet, when you go online and look, it looks like DKI Services is one company that has contractors nationwide that can and do routinely remove trees from peoples’ yards.

The benefit of having a national service work with you on tree removal is that when you go to get an estimate, you will likely find that they have fairly standardized prices that tend to be lower than their competitors.  Another way that a national service can help is by pre-vetting their contractors and associates so that when you call the only people that respond to you are very qualified tree removal specialists.

Follow the suggested guidelines:

If you just had a tree crash down in your yard that needs to be removed, contacting your insurance company to get detailed instructions on how to proceed is certainly an option.  Insurance companies are generally good at spelling out how you should remove and replace items in your yard.

In general, you would want to get the damage documented and have a claim filed if necessary.  You can then proceed to call a contractor to come out and remove the tree and repair any home damage.

Removing a tree from your yard doesn’t seem like a difficult thing to do until you realize that there may be layers of tape that you need to cut through in order to get your yard and your home restored to the level that they were at before you started.  So although the best option is to have your trees topped in advance, if you do have a tree go down, call when you are ready to get started removing your tree or trees.  Using a national service can make a difference in your experience.

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