How to Zen Up Your Living Space

Imagine spending the most wonderful evening out and then waking up in your own home, still glowing from the fun. You just lay there, feeling peaceful and happy. Then you stretch, starting to get more away. You sit up, eyes closed, smile and then, suddenly, you’re eyes snap open. You forgot to set your alarm for work! As you open your eyes, the sun’s glaring rays shine bright in them, leaving you blinded and seeing stars for a bit. You came home so happy that it seemed like a good idea to stare at the stars at the time. Now, you have to run and close the curtains, leaving you in pitch blackness once again because the sun has burnt your retina. Meanwhile, the curtains didn’t shut properly as per the usual, the neighbors all saw you running around, and you’re now definitely late for work.

Most people have experienced this exact scenario many times during their life. It is unavoidable, and there simply isn’t anything you can do to change it. What you can change, however, is that whole embarrassing moment with the neighbors. You can have the best of all worlds – seeing the stars at night, not getting blinded by the sun, and not giving your neighbors a show that they will remember for a long time – simply by installing blinds. And that’s just three of the benefits! Add to that the fact that your home will be at a more constant, comfortable temperature, that you will lower your energy bills, that you can protect the planet, and that you can turn your room into a Zen haven. Then, and only then, are you starting to comprehend the true benefits of installing blinds.

Picking Blinds

When you set off to look for the different blinds that are out there, you may feel overwhelmed with the choices. Luckily, you can do it online, comfortably, from your bed (after you decide that you are now so late, you may as well not go in at all). All you really need is an idea of what you want, the measurements of your windows, and a budget that you’re happy to spend.

So how do you Zen-ify your room? The art of Zen is all about being calm and at one with nature. It is about understanding the different elements and creating something in which you feel relaxed and comfortable, essentially that same feeling you went to be with before all the stumbling happened. One way to instantly create a Zen look in your room is to opt for bamboo blinds. Others believe that Zen is all about being devoid of distractions, which means you would go for the minimalistic look and install either completely white, or completely black, blinds. The completely black ones may be an idea, because it would also mean that you won’t get woken up by the sun’s rays anymore. Overall, however, Zen is about creating a space for your blinds in which you’re comfortable and only you can decide how that will work. Happy shopping!

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Matthew Okafor