Instructions For Setting Your Surround Sound System Up

Once you have your Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless Speakers, you are only halfway there. It still all needs to be connected. Use this new cordless system and get rid of all those sneaky cables. Each speaker comes with its own amp in addition to a wireless base station for keeping all of the channels in sync. If you are wondering about the sound, then clear out your calendar, because you will be watching all of those movies that you love over and over again.

1. Center Channel

The most spoken dialog is handled by this speaker, so sit as close as you can to the characters’ mouths: which is at the center-bottom of your television. Do you have you television set bolted to a wall? If so, the center channel should be mounted as well. Is the dialog really quiet while the other parts of the soundtrack are deafening? As long as you have the right home theater system – which you do of course – just boost the center and that should bring your sonic universe into balance.

2. Stereo Right And Left

To squeeze as much as you can from the strings of Hans Zimmer, these speakers should be placed a couple of feet out from each side of the screen, and then “toe in”: locate a spot on your couch that lines up with the middle of your television and then turn the speakers inward slightly so they are facing this spot. Begin at 20 degrees, and then try using tighter angles until you get the best sound. For group viewing, the sound stage can be widened by slightly twisting the speakers back towards straight-on.

3. Subwoofer

It can be hard for your brain to spatially locate low frequencies, so place your subwoofer any place that it sounds good. In order to test your arrangement, you should play something that has lots of basses as you slide your speaker around. Playing Marley for a couple of minutes can help you locate a prime spot. Don’t cram it into a corner or up against a wall – that will make the low end overwhelming and boomy rather than punchy.

4. Surround Channels

These pick up ambient effects – distant gunshots, birds chirping, cars passing. These should be placed on shelves or stands right above ear level and be aimed toward you head, either just behind or beside the couch. Many any objects that are between the speaker and you that sap sound waves. They should never be placed on the floor as this will ruin the surround effect.

5. Your Room

Your decor might be deadening the sound. It is better to have carpet than a bare parquet floor. Also, the more echo-killing fabric wall coverings or curtains you have, the better the sonic swagger your soundtracks will have.

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