Keeping Your Home Super Clean

It is a constant job keeping your property clean and tidy. Sometimes it can be fun and other times it can be a daunting task, other times it may be a tedious job you really don’t want to do.

Therefore it’s important that you clean as effectively as possible in order to free up your time to put your feet up and enjoy some quality time relaxing or with your family or friends.

We’ve put together a list cleaning tips that hope to help with your future cleaning efforts.

All Purpose Cleaner

Having one cleaner to do most of your cleaning work is a great way to speed up the cleaning process rather than continuously switching between multiple cleanin products.

You can easily create your own by mixing some baking powder with some water to save you some pennies as well.

Remove Smells from Rubbish Bins

Smelly bins can be an issue when doing your weekly clean. To quickly and easily solve your smelly bin problem simply use some lemon zest and rinse with some water.

Eradicate Dog and Other Pet Smells

Per smells get everywhere especially on sofas and seats, as well as their baskets and blankets. To help clear these smelly areas use a little baking soda on areas with an odour following by a good hoovering 15 minutes later.

Cleaning the Car

As mentioned above an all purpose cleaner also works wonder for cleaning the interior of a car. Use kitchen roll to quickly wipe up the cleaning product for a quick and easy interior car clean.

Another option is using wet wipes to quickly get your car interoir gleaming in no time.

If you have dog hairs, crumbs or other unwanted mess in your car you can use a lint roller to pick up the dirt without you having to get the hoover out.

Stop Washing Clothes So Often

It has become common place for people to wash every item of clothing after one wear. So this may be a controversial idea, but there are many items of clothing including jeans that don’t require constant washing after only one wash.

Spin less, wear more and save a few headaches along the way!

Clean Smart

Whether it’s grime, grease, smells or soap scum you are trying to clean then always do it the smart way. Don’t waste your time cleaning for the sake of it, instead think how can I make this easier and quicker. In other words clean SMART!

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Matthew Okafor