Making Your Home Cat Friendly

People who love cats really love them. Much like dog people love their dogs, cat people enjoy the independent nature of their furry friends and the fact that they make their own decisions. For cat people, the very idea of having a pet like a dog that is completely and totally dependent on them for happiness and sustenance is unthinkable.

 Part of having a cat means you have to ensure they have enough room and space to wander, and that they have everything they need in the home to satisfy their natural instincts. In some ways, a feline’s instincts are more apparent than a dog’s. Their tendency to wander the neighbourhood at night is just an indication of not only their independent natures, but also their need to explore territory. Likewise, a cat’s instinct to hunt and catch small animals, such as mice and birds, means that their owners should prepare for a few furry presents being offered to them.

Keeping Your Curious Cat Safe

As much as cat people want their felines to run about the neighbourhood and do what comes naturally to them, many areas are risky for cats to explore. Let’s face it, plenty of people have cats in dense urban areas, and it is all too easy for a curious feline to be run over by a car or even run into trouble with other neighbourhood cats. Truthfully, the problem doesn’t start and stop in our cities. Even in rural areas, the risk of a roaming feline being attacked by other wildlife is fairly high.

For a long time, cat people had to simply accept the risks of living in dangerous areas like this and had no solution to keep their cat safe and secure. Fortunately, there is now a solution to the problem in the form of Catio. This product is composed of a sturdy construction of steel mesh and supports that encloses an existing patio or stands alone as an extension to a window or door.


It looks like a steel mesh room extended off of the home, but in reality it is intended for the curious feline. Consider the many benefits:

  • Safety and security: First and foremost, your cat will be protected from other predators and from physical harm. For some people with nasty neighbours, it also means that their prized feline is protected from the ire of a cat hater next door.
  • Less guilt: All cat people understand that it is the nature of their furry friends to explore. In some areas, this means that cat owners have tried to keep their cats indoors for fear of them meeting danger or an untimely end. A product like this means that any cat person can allow their feline to go outside at any time without fear that they will come to harm.

The Best of Both Worlds

For the cat lover, it is a solution that allows their cat friend to get a taste of the outside world and get some exercise without having to worry about any danger.

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Matthew Okafor