Precautions summer: a pool with children

They have hot days come and usual fun moments we spend with our kids in the pool. It may be the first year you take your baby to water or already have children older ones. Anyway, it is imperative that we take some precautions to avoid unpleasant shocks.  Before using pool for your kids and family you need to make sure that it safe for the kids and health as well. Pool water should be the safe and clean to use. You can check your pool here and pool inspections brisbane is a great one for pool inspection.

Unfortunately, drowning is one of the most frequent causes among children under five accidental death, so it is essential to prevent any risk.The most common is that the child falls overboard in a moment of distraction parent or person in charge of it with which we must be very attentive to our children when we go to a swimming pool.

Here are some tips to consider when we go to the pool with the kids:

  • Upon entering the pool place them sleeves, float or security system that we use. Needless to say, we must make sure they are in perfect condition and without punctures.
  • Not stop a second watch them when they are in the water. A phone call or any distraction, by silly as it sounds, can be fatal.
  • In residential pools to place fences or safety barriers that prevent children can go without supervision.
  • It is desirable that children learn to swim from an early age as well as being beneficial to their development is a step prevention should accidentally fall into the water.
  • Anyway, you know how to swim does not mean that we should be vigilant. Children can easily get tired or sin of overconfidence and get into paragraphs sites. We always have to be aware of them when they are in the water.
  • When it comes to babies, we should not only be aware when inside but also when playing on the edge of the pool. Remember that babies are not aware of their danger. They can throw any toys and want to rescue him at risk of falling into water. Keep all toys out of the water.
  • If children’s pool, better take them there, because it is more manageable for parents. But it is necessary to restrict the use of the pool to a certain area, near the stairs and edges that can achieve if they feel tired.
  • There are some safety devices to prevent drowning such as bracelets to place the child or alarms to place on the edge of the pool that tells us if the small falls overboard. No more waiting for the “plop”; they may fall noiselessly.
  • Drowning is the most serious accidents that can occur in water, but there are also others like bumps or roughhousing. Warn children of the risks of jumping too close to the edge, to prevent drains, caution approach in slides, etc.
  • In the communal pools identify and locate the rescuer to use it for any emergency.
  • Finally, in case of accident maintain common sense and have always on hand the phone to call emergency while we start with resuscitation.

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Matthew Okafor