Preparing Your Home For Airbnb Guest Stays

For those with extra space, whether a spare room or an outbuilding, the concept of being able to make extra income from a property is very appealing. International platforms, such as Airbnb, are now able to make the process exceptionally easy too. Homeowners can sign up, advertise their accommodation, and begin hosting guests almost immediately.

While the whole process is as simple as it sounds, hosts face certain hurdles that must be overcome for long-term success. Failing to prepare appropriately will quickly result in diminishing returns and unhappy guests. To prevent this from happening and to ensure both hosts and guests are happy, we’re taking a look at the fundamentals of welcoming guests through Airbnb.

Great Photographs

As Airbnb becomes a more popular endeavour for homeowners, the market can be quite competitive, meaning that hosts must ensure that their property stands out in a number of ways, the most important being visually.

When designing your guest stay, think aesthetically as well as practically. Does the room look appealing? Is there a distinct style, one that comes across well in photographs? Since the profiles of hosts are the first things guests will see, it is crucial that the images shared of a guest stay look great.

How To Access

Guests should be entirely aware how to access and leave their stay. If a room is inside a shared living space, it is important to establish which areas are open to their comfort and which are reserved for hosts. While this may seem tricky, the situation becomes manageable promising that hosts are clear about accessibility early on.

Many homeowners avoid this issue altogether, however, by using garden outbuildings, such as log cabins. These contained structures allow guests to come and go with greater ease, keeping comfortable in their own space and enjoying privacy away from a central living space.

Everything Guests Need

Beyond offering a safe and sheltered space for guests to stay, Airbnb hosts must ensure that their space offers the basic comforts that those travelling may need. Such offerings can include toiletries and can extend to facilities for hot drinks. And, while these cover the basics that many guests will expect, some hosts choose to go further and include luxurious amenities with their guest stays.

Hosts that offer en suite facilities or guidebooks to the local area can stand out from the local crowd and ensure that their stay is distinct and memorable, increasing the likelihood that their profile gains continued interest.

Follow The Rules

Depending on your property, as well as the type of accommodation you offer, there may be limitations that you should consider. Local councils, for example, can place restrictions on the height of garden outbuildings, as well as which residential buildings can be used as businesses.

Additionally, while not an enforced rule, homeowners should be accommodating to neighbours and the local area too. Even a small degree of consideration can go a long way and prevent issues from occurring when a number of guests begin coming and going, especially during potentially unsociable hours.

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Matthew Okafor