Protect Your Flat-Screen TV in an Outdoor Setting and Relax

In the past couple of decades, it has become quite common to have additional living and entertaining space outside the main part of the home. In many cases, the property owner adds an outdoor kitchen, comfortable seating, and dining furniture along with an entertainment centre. A high-quality television is usually a key part of this addition.

However, when you plan to include a large-screen TV in this additional space, you should make sure that you do all you can to protect your investment. Fortunately, you can now have a specially-designed cabinet and shield to protect the TV while still giving you the sharp, clear picture you desire. These unique products are patented and secure, giving you weatherproof protection for your television.

Ideal Choice

Learn more about outdoor TV cabinets from The TV Shield by visiting the website of the leading provider of these special products. You’ll have access to enclosures for every standard plasma, LCD, or LED flat-screen television with each unit designed to give the residential customer what they want and need. In addition to outdoor TV protection, these units are also great for protecting digital signage. Prop open the front panel for direct view of the TV and close the panel to protect and secure your television in any environment.

If you’re planning to include a large flat-screen TV in your outdoor space, keep in mind that these complex electronic products are not impact-proof or theft-resistant on their own. Buy a USA-made, high molecular weight polyethylene unit that can give you years of use without the need for replacement. After you browse the site, be sure to call and talk to a representative about the no-crack guarantee of this thick shatterproof front shield. It’s made with ultra-clear Lexan®, the material used for spacecraft windshields and bulletproof glass.

You have a couple of options including the TV Shield to accommodate most standard and extended sizes and the TV Shield Pro. The Pro is the perfect choice for outdoor TV protection and digital signage protection. With a hybrid design of lightweight aluminium and steel, you have outstanding strength and durability for TV protection. The powder-coated unit is designed for use with any indoor TV or digital display so you can use it for residential settings or in the commercial or residential sector.

Quick Install

You’ll also find the “quick install” system convenient and easy to maintain when compared to metal enclosures that you may have experience with. The unit opens effortlessly with the assistance of gas shocks so you can access the display unit without difficulty. Mounting provides full motion and full articulation with adjustments for height and depth. This allows you to place the screen exactly as you need it for viewing while giving you access to inputs.

Once you have visited the site and gathered the information you need, be sure to call and talk to a representative about the high-strength chambered key locks. The TV Shield PRO also comes with an air circulation system that’s thermostatically controlled and filtered, two features delivering unique benefits for your outdoor entertainment space. Make the smart choice and protect your large-screen TV with a rugged and dependable shield.

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Matthew Okafor