Staying Safe In Road Construction

When the sunny season rolls around, road construction becomes a more frequent occurrence. With many construction workers hitting the roads to do important site work, it’s crucial that worker safety is taken into consideration. There are a variety of hazards in play on this type of site, especially when drivers are present on the road. Use these safety steps to avoid danger and keep your workers safe.

1.     Use clear signage. The most important step to take when setting up a road construction site is to properly close off the area so that all incoming drivers are aware of the roadworks taking place. Every driver should be sufficiently warned in advance so they have time to slow down or change their route.Use a traffic light hire service to make sure you have bright, clear indicators that let drivers know when it’s safe to pass through the area and when they need to brake. Leave plenty of buffer room between the signs and the construction site to avoid potential accidents.

2.     Make sure safety equipment is worn at all times. In any construction site, it’s essential that every worker be given proper safety equipment to wear. This includes visiting management and any staff members on the site. Visible clothing like bright vests and helmets are an important extra to consider when road safety is concerned, but workers should also be provided hard hats, safe working boots, eye protection, and ear protection if high noise levels are involved in the work.

3.     Be alert. Many major accidents can be avoided when workers are alert and aware of their surroundings. This is especially important when motor vehicles are driving near the work site. Remain vigilant and aware of the placements of the traffic, the boundaries of the work site, and the entrance and exit areas where machinery or vehicles may be passing through. If all of the employees are absorbed in their own work, it can be helpful to have a spotter on site whose role is to be alert to potential danger and problems.

4.     Be aware of blind spots. Whenever you’re operating machinery or working on site, be mindful of where your blind spots could be. Ensure that visual aids like cameras are working properly before work begins, and check that mirrors are firmly in place and angled correctly. Pedestrian workers should be alert to the potential blind spots of drivers around them and avoid collisions by keeping a safe distance.

5.     Go through safety precautions regularly. It’s easy to forget the hazards involved on the construction site if reminders aren’t given regularly. Hold a daily meeting on site before work begins to go over the health and safety rules and check in about what precautions will be necessary for the day’s work to proceed safely.

6.     Maintain safe working hours. Accidents become far more likely when workers are exhausted, dehydrated, or exposed to the sun for too long. Employers should be mindful of these factors when scheduling the day’s work and ensure that workers have sufficient time to rest, plenty of water and other hydrating fluids on site to maintain a healthy work environment, and shade to take time in when a break from the sun is necessary.

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Matthew Okafor