The Best Way to Exercise

Trying to stay in shape is an ongoing challenge. If you’re trying to get in shape, it sometimes feels like you have an end goal in sight; that may be true, but once you reach it, you have to work to maintain that level of fitness. That sort of thing is how gyms continue to make money every year; however, it’s very difficult to motivate yourself to go to the gym or go out and exercise. The gym is expensive, it’s far away, and it takes up a lot of your time. On top of all of that, it’s not very much fun. Exercises like running are pretty cheap, but it’s incredibly difficult, at times it’s boring, and it’s not great for people who have knee or back problems. Swimming is a much better choice for exercise; it burns more calories than running, it’s much easier on your joints, and many people find it more fun. Even if you’re not going to swim, walking in water or doing yoga in the water will remove some pressure on your joints and your back, and it can be a great way to work out.

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Swimming vs Running

Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise because it seems simple and accessible; all you need to go running are some shoes and some shorts. You can find some empty road or sidewalk and you’re ready to go! However, it can be much more difficult than that. When the temperature starts to rise, you have to plan your run so that you can avoid the hottest part of the day. Also, you have to make sure you plan a route that keeps you safe from cars and other dangers. Furthermore, you have to plan for water breaks or bathroom stops; running can get complex. Swimming is a much better choice for exercise, especially if you pick a spa. There are many choices of swim spa in Sydney, but you should make sure you only buy one from a reputable retailer. If you buy a quality spa, you could be swimming as often as you like without having to worry about cars, heat, or water breaks.


Swimming is also a more effective form of exercise. Running works your lower body and your core to an extent. Swimming is an exercise that works your entire body. Your upper body, core, and lower body are all involved in the swimming motion. It’s a full body exercise that burns about four times as many calories as running when measured by distance. That means you burn as many calories swimming one-quarter kilometre, as you would by running an entire kilometre.


In addition to being a great place to exercise, a swim spa is also a great way to relax. A lot of people who have joint pain or back pain like to walk around in their swim spa. Essentially, you can walk against the resistance of the water. It is a low-intensity exercise that is easy on your joints because the buoyancy of the water reduces a lot of the weight carried by your bones. Swimming is a way that a lot of physical therapists help to rehabilitate clients, as the water is calming as well as therapeutic. If you’re looking for a way to exercise and to relax, a swim spa is a great choice.

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