What do I need for oil painting?

What materials do I need for oil painting? I want to learn to paint in oils and make my own pictures, but I cannot go to painting classes and do not know where to start. Calm! If you have a friend or acquaintance who is an artist, you can start asking your questions. And if you have someone to guide you in your first steps in painting, you can count on us. In this post we will review what you should know to start painting your own oil paintings.

Often make your own oil paintings better buy sheet-pictures. Use these paintings is fun, relaxing and also the oil painting techniques are one of the preferred by professional artists from around the world. But how do you start to paint pictures? Today we will focus on the tools we need.

The basic materials to learn to paint in oils are:

  • Brushes of different sizes and shapes
  • Oil paintings
  • Canvasses or supports
  • Mixing palette
  • Thinners, oils and media


Depending on the artist and the type of technique that you will use can choose one or another type of brushes. It is best to have good quality brushes, although at first you have few. The sable hair brushes are best for oil painting, but today there are synthetic or hog hair brushes. Both are a cheaper option and provide good quality results.

Another thing you should consider are the shapes and sizes of hair, as will directly influence how your paint strokes. There are flat brushes, round brushes, brushes filbert, eyeliner brush, angle brush, fan brush, stipple brush, brush countersunk tip, brush tip mop, angular brush … The best thing you reports on what and suits you best suited to your level! We will be happy to advise you.

Oil paintings

It is best to not go crazy with the number of colors on the market, and bought a cheap box of 12 colors. This will serve to test, get used to oil techniques, know the possible combinations of colors, textures familiar with…Its very important to get the right canvas for your oil painting. You need to get the best canvas roll for your oil painting.

Canvasses or supports

Cheap linens, sheets, wooden planks, cardboard … there are many different media to start painting in oil. You can choose the one you like; the important thing is to make sure that the surface you are painting is well prepared for oil painting. To start you can choose the simplest: a canvas prepared you can find without problems in a specialized store material for Fine Arts. Remember that you can find oval, rectangular canvases, double thick … There are many supports oleos choice!

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