What You Should Look For When Shopping For A Green Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs are always very luxurious home décor investments, which is why rug shoppers need to be patient and do their homework when going through the online inventories and massive showrooms. If you’re currently looking for a green Oriental rug, then there are many factors that you’ll need to keep in mind beyond the rug’s color!

The Rug Source specialists have teamed up with us to develop this list of Oriental rug shopping factors, and they’re one of the most up-and-coming digital teams in the entire rug industry right now! So take it from the pros in that you should be looking for the following when you’re in the market for a new Oriental area rug:

Making Sure The Oriental Rug Is Handmade

These days it’s possible to stumble upon an Oriental rug that’s actually hand-tufted and not handmade, and this can make things a bit complicated for rug shoppers. The good news is that hand-tufted rugs are much more affordable as compared to handmade rugs, but if you’re looking for the real deal then you’re undoubtedly going to be in search of a truly handmade Oriental rug.

Machine-made rugs are never going to have the same feel or appearance as handmade rugs, and handmade rugs will also be much more durable. There are many different ways to differentiate machine-made and handmade area rugs from one another, and you should always make sure that your new Oriental rug is handmade if you’re looking for the real deal!

Dyes & Rug Materials

The vast majority of Oriental rugs are made from wool or wool-silk combinations, and getting a rug made of natural materials will always be more valuable as compared to synthetic counterparts like polyurethane and rayon.

Rug dyes are also an important factor to keep in mind, because it’s possible that you’ll come across an Oriental rug knockoff that utilizes synthetic dyes as compared to natural dyes. The biggest problem with synthetic dyes is that they may smear or age in a bad way, which typically isn’t a problem with natural dyes.

Understanding KPSI Value

KPSI stands for knots per square inch, and it’s an incredibly important metric that helps rug shoppers better understand the durability and clarity of an Oriental rug’s design. There’s absolutely no denying that KPSI is one of the most important shopping factors to keep in mind for this type of high-quality rug shopping, because clarity and durability are true royalty in this industry.

A good rule of thumb to follow when trying to understand KPSI value is that the most valuable Oriental rugs will have KPSI ratings between 500-1,000+; and the higher the KPSI, the higher the rug price!

Trust Reputable Dealers For Your Oriental Rug Shopping

The best thing you can always do when it comes to shopping for Oriental area rugs is put your trust in a dealer that you can trust. When you find a reputable online outlet or showroom, you can then allow seasoned specialists to guide you through some of the more complex rug shopping stages, which is always a major relief!

You can always learn more about Oriental rug shopping and what you should be looking for to match your unique needs by speaking with the Rug Source experts. The Rug Source team is fully available to answer your questions and put you in the right direction towards the Oriental rug of your dreams, and they’re available by clicking on the link at the top of the page that goes directly to their Oriental rug page!

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