5 Gorgeous Bedding Sets For Any Bedroom

You can have one of the most sophisticated interior designs in the world, but if your bedding consists of ratty sheets and lumpy pillows, no one is going to be impressed. This is because your bed is the centerpiece of your entire room! If you want the whole space to look good, your bedding has to have a style and quality to match. In that respect, here are just five bedroom collections that will instantly elevate your decor.

  1. Turquoise Chamarro Bedding Collection

Filled with the colors and patterns of traditional Native American culture, this bedding collection will take you back to an older, simpler time. As a bonus, it’s also richly quilted and perfect for cold winter nights when you don’t want to do anything but snuggle in bed with your boo.

  1. Sierra Blue Bedding Collection

There’s something about a blue-and-brown color combination that always looks good, and this bedding set takes full advantage of it. A brown bed skirt rests under a blue comforter, and khaki accents emphasize the deep azure of the quilt’s geometric patterns. The designers definitely knew what they were doing with this one.

  1. Montaneros Southwest Comforter Collection

The muted colors of this bedding collection will perfectly match a neutral-toned bedroom or guestroom. While it isn’t without pretty blues and feisty oranges, its  chenille stripes keep its colors from being overbearing, so it’s great for anyone who wants style without ostentation.

  1. Gallop Bedding Collection

Spice up your life with the savory reds of this bedding set. Not only will its horizontal pattern remind you of the bunking broncos of the old west, but its cracked faux-leather sides will make you feel like you’re ready for a duel at dawn. The whole thing is a surefire way to invite more energy into your bedroom.

  1. Silverado Bedding Collection

Get “cabin chic” with this cozy bedding set. Not only will it make your bed one of the most comfortable places that you’ve ever been, but it will also highlight your southwestern style with its white, brown and red color palette. Toss in a few extra lodge accessories from Southwestern Bedding to really complete the look!

These are just a few bedding sets that will breathe new life into your interior design. For more ideas, check out sites like Paul’s Home Fashions. They can give you a lot of inspiration for your new look!

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Matthew Okafor