Tips on designing your master’s bedroom

Did you know that an average person will sleep for at least 9, 125 days? Assuming you live for 75 years. That’s an awfully long time! Nevertheless, sleep is one of the most wonderful things in the world, based on what every working person or student has told me. We spend most of our ‘sleeping’ time in the bedroom, so we need to make it as cosy and comfortable as possible.

Here are some tips on designing your master bedroom – your dream sanctuary:

Evaluate your preferences. Since it’s your master hub, you need to ensure that it follows your choice of design and decoration. Ask yourself what you want for your bedroom. What other activities are you going to do in there aside from sleeping? As a precursor, you’d like as big a bed as possible, so go ahead and choose from the queen sized mattresses at Harvey Norman. It wouldn’t be a bedroom without a bed, right? Anyhow, your activities: watching TV, working on the computer, reading a book, etc. should serve as guides on the kind of lighting and furniture you need.

Time to spruce up with furniture. After determining your space allocation, you now need to add furniture to satisfy your needs. You can have additional seating if you prefer. Oftentimes, it could be a bench placed at the bed’s foot. Bring in another furniture like a side table or a desk or even a full sofa if you need to. If you’ll work in the computer while in your bedroom, a desk would be nice to have. Also, avoid filling spaces with too much furniture since it will make the space look cluttered and overdone.

Light it up. The bedroom’s lighting isn’t just for illuminating the room, but also for creating ambiance in the bedroom. Use a lighting to add a warm and soft aura that improves calm and relaxation. Also, you can let natural light in to make your bedroom a better place to stay in during the day. Sunlight will make the place look healthy and serene. Add large windows or a sliding door that leads to a balcony if you have one. This allows natural light to come in as well as let you see the wonderful views outside.

Decide on the colour and style. There’s an unlimited number of styles to choose from. You can get inspiration from online websites and magazines that feature different ideas and lists for you. Consider the architectural elements of your home and your lifestyle when doing so. For colours, go for neutral shades or colours that will appear for both of you (your spouse) Beiges and blue are good starting colours. Choose the colours together if you will.

Have fun with textures and patterns. It’s your bedroom, so go ahead and play with textures and patterns. You don’t need to match everything at all. For example, you can pair a striped bedding with a floral one as long as the colours blend well. Mixing styles and patterns will spice up your space. Supplement with soft touches too with a throw pillow or even an area rug.

Those are the tips on designing your master bedroom. Of course, there are more, and you’ll discover most of it once you start designing. Also, don’t forget to buy a comfy bedding, so you and your partner can get a sound sleep! Queen sized mattresses at Harvey Norman features different styles to choose from. Style well!

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Matthew Okafor